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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jam spoon, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Jam spoon

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    I returned from a weeks holiday 3 weeks ago, I have been practicing daily since I returned, but I am having real trouble getting my lip back in for my upper register.
    I have been practicing lots of buzzing and long low notes but my lip seems to stop buzzing after an top A. My range before was a comfortable top C, but if I hit the note now my lip just stops buzzing. I am not sure what to work on to try to get this back.
    Could anybody help me with what I can do? I really need to sort this out as I am getting a little worried about it.
  2. BrassFlyer

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    Have you been somewhere hot and burnt your lip?
  3. Jam spoon

    Jam spoon New Member

    No nothing like that.
  4. trumpetmike

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    Take a day off - give the chops a chance to recover.
    Then take a few days of very easy playing (nothing approaching the top of your normal register). Some long notes, simple flexibility exercises and some scale patterns are what I use when I have had time off - the scales are an excellent guide as to how my range is getting on. Only go as high as feels/sounds good - this will soon increase.

    Something that many people do is come back in too strong, so if they take time off they hope their next session will be a simple recovery by bashing straight through what they would normally do as a daily routine. If you take time off, you need to come back in gently.

    Take your time, be patient and build it back up gradually - you will soon be back to where you wish to be.
  5. Leyfy

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    Yeh, I'm kind of having the same problem. I've been covering 2nd horn for about 6 months due to an absence in the band, but I have gone back onto cornet. As I've been playing pretty much nothing below a top E since March, I've lost all of my stamina on cornet and quite a lot of comfortable range, plus my tone is a bit shot at the moment!

    However, I've done some gentle practice today (mainly long notes/octaves/mixed intervals/slurs) and it seems to be all flooding back - thank goodness for the 6 weeks holidays :)

    One bonus of playing horn was I had to fill more tubing, and subsiquently going back onto cornet means I'm still breathing better and more deeply, and making a 'bigger' sound.
  6. BoBo

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    Not always possible but next time take your mouthpiece with you and just 5/10 minutes sureptitious buzzing each day will avoid this situation.

    I have been known to take a bit of hosepipe with me as well, stick the mouthpiece in the end, you can practice your lip trills(!) and entertain your friends as well. You may laugh but there is a stunning performance of a movement from a Mozart Horn Concerto played by Dennis Brain in one of the Hoffnung concerts from the early 60s(?) played on exactly that combo.