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    This post introduces the East Uganda Youth Music Foundation.

    It probably represents the most powerful and heart warming story to come out of Brass Banding in years and what the power of music can do. Please read my blog http://euymf.blogspot.co.uk/

    Please enter you names as friends on facebook

    I am looking to build a worldwide circle of friends to help raise money to support the foundation (as per friends societies with most youth centres in the UK). Such that if local band or local organisation is having an event they will have a collection for the foundation. This is the little and by many approach.

    I am also looking for sponsors, donors, contacts etc.
  2. Andrew Norman

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    This has been one of my favourite causes for some years now.
    It is incredible to see what has been acheived with such limited means.
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    Thankyou Andrew please can you cascade the facebook page far and wide.
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    Seriously any band trainer/conductor looking for a trip of a life time and fancies Uganda please contact us (PM me) but will have to find own air fare.

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