Our loss is Australia's gain!

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by (re)tired tenor, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. (re)tired tenor

    (re)tired tenor Member

    Market Harborough/Rushden
    2 of our cornet players are emigrating :cry: 118 people have read our advert for new principal & repiano cornet players but no-one has yet contacted us! :shock: Harborough Band is a friendly 2nd section band in the East Midlands. :) We are very family orientated & although we wish our players the best of luck in their new venture we will miss them very much. :(

    If you would like to come along for a "blow" one Tuesday or Thursday we would be delighted to see you. Please visit our website www.harborough-band.org.uk or contact us on 01858 462989
  2. rowboat

    rowboat New Member

    Townsville, Australia
    Hi Marion,

    I read some desperation in your plea. Which area of Australia are your players going to - I may be able to help them find a band if they want.
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