Otley Mayors Challenge

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    The second Otley Mayors Challenge contest is this Sunday the 9th of May in the Wesley Hall, Otley Methodist Church in Otley, just NW of Leeds. The contest starts at 2pm

    Entrances off both Walkergate and Boroughgate Otley. LS21 1HB
    Map here

    This is a friendly 3 way entertainment contest and this year the 3 bands competing are Otley, Emley and Clifton and Lightcliffe. Each band plays a 30 minute entertainment programme in quest for the Mayors Challenge trophy. The adjudicator is John Roberts.

    All visitors most welcome, tickets are on the door priced at £7. If you have never visited Otley before then in addition to the contest there is plenty of opportunity for a stroll around the market town, a walk along the banks of the Wharfe or for the more hardy a quick walk up the 'Chevin' the hill overlooking the town. We also have a rather high density of pubs in the town too.....



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