Otley Mayor's Challenge

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    This Sunday 26th of April sees the first Otley Mayor's Challenge.
    The format of the afternoon is a three way entertainment contest between York Railway Band, Garforth Brass and Otley Band. Each band will play a 30 minute programme for the Mayors challenge trophy. The adjudicator is David Horsfield.

    It promises to be a very pleasant afternoon of entertainment. If you are interested in coming along and listening then the event takes place at Otley Civic Centre, LS21 1HD. Tickets are available on the door for £7.

    Otley is small market town situated 11 miles NW of Leeds and situated on the river Wharfe. As well as the contest you can enjoy a pleasant walk by the river or through the Chevin country park.

  2. joker66

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    Pity its the same day as the Holmfirth contest
  3. Toxophile

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    Congratulations to York Railway Institute on a well deserved win and also a well deserved best soloist prize. They were certainly the best band on the day and the soloist stood out for me.
  4. stuartw

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    Yes Congratulations to York Railway on winning the inaugural Otley Mayor's Challenge and to their cornet soloist who won the outstanding instrumentalist prize too.

    Hopefully all the visitors to Otley had a good day and enjoyed the contest. There was a good audience in the hall and we hope that we will be able to continue with the event in the future.

  5. tuba90

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    Thank you to all who attended the contest today all bands were brilliant. Thank you for all the comments on York Railway Band we are pleased with the result. All performers should be proud today to have played in the very first Otley contest and long may it continue.

    Matt Hoyle
    Eb Bass
    York Railway Institu
  6. Yorkie

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    Otley Mayor's Challenge Entertainment Contest

    I would like to thank the organisers of this event for firstly inviting us to participate and secondly for the efficient way the contest was run on the day. As a player it was a very enjoyable experience.

    Sam Lovatt our Principal Cornet performed brilliantly in his solo and throughout the bands performance and I think richly desrerves his prize.

    We hope to be invted back next year to defend our title.


    Martyn Williams
    York R I Band
  7. ploughboy

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    What a great afternoon of banding. I had the pleasure of helping out as a steward at this event, so was able to sit next to the Adjudicator (David Horsfield) and watch all the bands from start to finish, Stuart even brought me a cuppa!!

    I thought the standard of the 3 bands was excellent, and I think York RI were just that little bit clearer, neater, more balanced. All three bands picked a nice balanced program and the Three soloists on the day (Sam Lovett - Georgia on my Mind)(Daniel Eddison - Star????) (Tony Malone - Beautiful dreamer) were on excellent form. We had three different aproaches to Compering, MD, Solo Trom and Specialist Compere. and downstairs it would seem enough cake and buns to feed the nationals crowd! All the money raised went to the Mayor's Charities this year, so we could eat without feeling guilty!!

    So well done to the Mayor of Otley, and the Otley band for putting on such a great friendly contest. And with an audience that wasn't just attached to one or other of the bands, people from the area getting involved and watching.

    I'll be there next year, be it steward, player, conductor or watcher.

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