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    Which players and composers (both inside and outside of the brass band movement) do you admire / are most influenced by?

    And which other music do you listen to?
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  2. Ankanala

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    I love listening to good music, wherever it comes from. My favourite CDs are music by John Williams, Queen and ELO, all a bit 70ish i know but that really was my era! I very rarely listen to brass band music and never ever listen to my CDs after they have been produced.

    I was influenced as a kid by Harry James, James Shepherd and Maurice Murphy. However my very first idol was a guy called Alun Prest. He was POC of Cargo Fleet Works Band when I was PC of Cargo Fleet Works Junior Band. I heard him play My Old Kentucky Home in a club concert and vowed that one day I would play that solo. I did about a year later.

    Alun is still around conducting Marske Band and is still a good friend of the family.
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