OT Blind and Autistic Pianist programme

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  1. Did anyone see it? It was on channel 5

    It was one of the most amazing and special things you will ever see.
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    I watched it with my husband and son. We were amazed at his talent. I shudder to think what his life would have been like if he hadn't discovered music.

    For those who didn't see it, it is repeated on Thursday on Channel 5 at 11.35pm - The Musical Genius : Extraordinary People

    A one off documentary profiling Derek Paravicini. He is blind and autistic and a talented pianist. Has the mental age of 4. Cannot tell his right from his left or count up to 10. But he can recall and replicate every piece of music he's ever listened to-even if he's only heard it once.

    Try and watch it if you can, it's truly remarkable.
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    He was absolutely OUTSTANDING! Never seen anything like it in my life.
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    No as I don't have channel 5 but my piano teacher was telling me about it today. He sounds amazing.
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    - you can see a video snippet here.
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    I seem to remember a whole programe on people who were unkindly called Idiot Savants. The first was Paul, the most naturally gifted draughtsman of our time; a chap who could tell you the day of the week assocaited with any day of any year (without knowing about 28 year cycles) and Noel, a pianist in the same vein as Derek. Can't remember the fourth, if there was one.

    Noel was played music that was incredibly complex chordally and harmonically, and he actually picked his way through all the traps, and played to 98% accruacy, compared with a very adept sight reader who only managed 85%.

    Quite amazing.
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    Unfortunately I think you'll find this has been replaced by highlights of the Palermo v West Ham football match.