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  1. sirbucko

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    Hi There Bucko Again. Has Anyone Got A Cd Recording Of Granville Bantocks Work Orion. Played It At The Area Contest Years Ago. Wonderfull Piece Of Music, Very Dramatic, And Have Searched For A Recording Of This For A Long Time. If So Please Contact Me On, 01260 271893 Or Email denianbucko@googlemail.com Many Thanks Bucko.
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  2. brassneck

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    You can download a recording by Salford Uni. Band here for £1.20.
  3. sirbucko

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    Cheers Brassneck, Cannot Download Yet, Could You Do Me A Copy Of Orion Will Pay You. Email Me At denianbucko@googlemail.com Many Thanks. Sir Bucko
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  4. brassneck

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    erm, that's breaching the mechanical copyright act and so I will have to turn your offer down, sorry to say!
  5. Rob

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    Just out of interest - which Act/section is this prohibited in - i.e. buying a download for a 'friend'?
  6. brassneck

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    Rob, sorry for being late replying ... IE7 froze getting relevant information. The amazon.com user aggreement basically sums up what happens when someone agrees to download an audio file ...

  7. PeterBale

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    "Do me a copy. . ." is not quite the same as "buying a download for a friend" :eek:

    The cd is still listed on the WorldofBrass website:

  8. brassneck

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    I realise what Rob is getting at ... buying a gift! Unfortunately the contract between seller and buyer is restricted.
  9. brassneck

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    Oh, and this bit as well from Amazon ...

  10. James Yelland

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    Less difficult would be to buy the CD by the Salford University Band called Granville Bantock, which includes Orion and Bantock's other pieces for band. It's a particularly fine recording which should have got more plaudits than it did.

    PS - could SirBucko please untoggle the capitals key. It's early in the morning and it looks like he's shouting!