Ord Hume Marches

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    Does any band or person out there have any of these pieces in their library?

    The Commandant (J. Ord Hume)
    Grove House (Ord Hume)
    Old Nobility (Ord Hume)
    Old Glory (Ord Hume)

    They are fabulous marches. Has anyone any information on them?
  2. satchmo shaz

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    Hi it appears from our library that we have (part sets) of Old Glory and Grove House, if that helps
  3. satchmo shaz

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    I will dig em out on wed and see what there is;)
  4. midwalesman

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    Due to my clear naivity in the pc age we live in, especially on copyright, I will not ask you to photocopy any pieces of music since that would be wholly illegal and detrimental to the estates of past and present composers. As such, I would love to loan your music and realise any parts that are missing. Could you possibly tell me when you find the pieces who were the publishers? Was it R. Smith and Co. Then I will be able to asses permission issues.

    I apologise to everyone who witnessed my previous message and realise that illegal copying of music is of course a serious issue and should not be a part of getting music performed in the 21st century.

    Again, humble apologies.