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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by BIG Paul, Nov 21, 2008.

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    A while ago I remember someone on here naming an easy FREE solution to reduce file size of photos for uploading to the internet, unfortunately had to reformat HDD therefore lost the program. Can anyone remember what it was?
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    Quoted from "original thread" - "The GIMP is indeed very good. However, should you decide to become serious at creating your own images and artwork, you really ought to try the free 30 day trial of Photoshop. It is an awesome programme... take a look at www.darrolbarry.net - took me 5 mins - and I have zero skill at graphic design (before someone here tells me so)" end quote

    Not entirely off topic (I hope) but reading through the "original thread" I came across the link to darrolbarry.net, but 18 months on and no website yet :(
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    If its purely resizing for the web that you're interested in then Windows has a perfectly usable tool built in. You could also use Google Picasa or Irfanview which are both free. Personally I agree with Wherryman, I use Photoshop and it is the dogs danglies, but it is expensive.
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    I knew I could rely on tmpers
    I will be getting photoshop, however, infranview was the program I was after (so easy to use)
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    If all you're doing is reducing the size, then windows is perfectly capable of doing that wihtout installing anything else, methinks.
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    I'd recommend IrfanView as well, superb value for money even if you decide to bung Irfan 10 euros. For those already familiar with it, note that the latest version has an excellent "Save for web" plugin. Meanwhile Photoshop is definitely the best tool for the job, but you don't have to lay out hundreds of quid for the full program. The cheaper Photoshop Elements has Save for Web, too. The current version costs about £70, but I found a legitimate new copy of version 5 on Amazon for £20 (I only wanted it for the web saving feature). I recently wrote a little tutorial on resizing for the web with these programs and Paint Shop Pro (http://www.keithpenton.co.uk/resize.html).
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    This has probably gone by for too long now to be useful, but I swear by easy thumbnails from www.fookes.com.

    Its free and you can resize a whole batch of files in one go and change the quality for web speed improvements