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    I've noticed a growing trend in the last couple of years for top bands to open their doors to the public in the week leading up to major competitions.

    In preparation for the English Nationals on Saturday, Black Dyke have an open rehearsal this evening. This taken from 4BR: 'The rehearsal will start at 7.30pm on Thursday 26th June and, as well as the open rehearsal and a full run through the test piece, Dr Childs will put on a short concert programme.'

    As 'Infinity' is a newly commissioned piece which is due to receive its world premiere performance by band number 1 in Preston on Saturday is this something that composers/publishers support, or is it kind of 'spoiling the surprise'? It'd also be interesting to know where bands stand from a copyright/PRS point of view. Is it more acceptable because the public don't pay to listen?

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    It used to be that you weren't allowed to perform a new piece 'in public' prior to the contest date, and it was stipulated as such in the contest rules in addition to there being the occasional included note with the score and parts when they were delivered.

    Taken in context with the 'pay to listen' vs PRS, you don't pay to listen to the radio at work either....but you should be reporting it to the PRS and getting the appropriate licence....
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    I always thought it was the band that put on the concerts..?
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    What, the PRS return?

    The point is that it is a public performance - and they did used to be banned before the contest. Don't know if they've changed the rules....could be contest / organiser dependent I guess....I'm just thinking back to all the Open & National testpieces that used to hit our doormat.
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    I remember going to the British Open, in the old Belle Vue Gardens!! One of the competing bands, Rochdale Co-Op, was giving an open rehearsal of the test piece that year. I think a Berlioz overture, cant remember which one. It was something like 1974(?). It was good to hear the piece before hand. Good idea.
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    1978 Benvenuto cellini......1979 Carnaval romain.....Brighouse and Faireys won those....but seeing as those were composed in 1838 and 1843 respectively I don't think there would be a premier problem...
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    I was talking more about open rehearsals on newly commissioned pieces - pieces that aren't supposed to be performed in public until the day of the contest.