OPEN REHEARSAL - Staines Brass and Fulham Brass Band

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  1. Cornet_Lucy

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    Date: Thursday 15th March
    Time: 8:00pm

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    41 Kingston Road,
    TW18 4LH

    Both Staines Brass and Fulham Brass Band are working hard for the L&SC Area contest in Stevenage during the weekend 17th/18th March and are opening the doors to their rehearsal preparations.

    Fulham will be performing Second section piece ‘Cross Patonce’ by Goff Richards and Staines will be performing Championship section piece ’The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ by Derek Bourgeois.

    The idea of the exercise is to perform the contest piece to an audience prior to the contest. The bigger the audience the better, so please feel free to call in and have a listen.

    It will be a very relaxed and informal occasion, giving you a chance to listen to the bands, meet the players and have a fantastic insight into how these two bands rehearse!

    Tea, Coffee & Biscuits will be supplied.

    Nearest rail station: Staines
  2. Cornet_Lucy

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    I should add that this is a FREE EVENT
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    I hope it all goes well and is helpful to both bands. Can't make it, I'm afraid, due to work and then my own practice.