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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ian perks, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    As a listener of going to contests which out of the two do you prefer to go and listen to
    The Open
    The National
    I normally go to the OPEN but going to nationals this year due to a slight change in works holidays that have been booked.
  2. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Me too but will only be going this year if there is a really interesting test-piece. I'm going to the English Championships at the Lowry instead.
  3. stephen_clapton

    stephen_clapton New Member

    I go to the Nationals and I hope to get to the English Nationals this year as well as the piece looks quite interesting.
  4. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    I'm going to both contests again this year. As a sociable contest. i would say i find the open more sociable because i don't listen to many bands but at the nationals my dad and i with lots of friends etc book at least 1 box to ourselves and we have drinks etc in the box so you don't really need to leave it so i listen to a lot more bands there.
  5. matti_raz

    matti_raz Member

    Open for the contest!
    Nationals for the day, hall, and generallness of the nationals,:S, if you get me!
    English Nationals should be really interesting though!
  6. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    In recent years I've been fortunate to be able to attend both the Open and the National Finals - courtesy of parents living in Coventry giving a handy base for the Open weekend.

    Usually enjoy both, although for me the facilities at Birmingham far out-weigh any prestige attached to the Albert Hall. I'm also lucky enough to be able to get to some of the fringe events - Regent Hall and/or St John's, Smith Square before the Nationals, and the excellent Brass on Sundays after the Open.

    Looks as if I'll miss the RAH this year, as the Wind Ensemble have been invited to participate in a Salvation Army congress in Harrogate on the same date.
  7. Mrs Fruity

    Mrs Fruity Member

    I've played and listened at both. Symphony Hall is much better to listen in and play in, but the grand old atmosphere of the Royal Albert Hall, especially when you're listening up in the gods, is something else. Generally I've preferred the test pieces at the Open too. (but I'm very new to it on the playing front)

    The clincher is of course having met Peter Bale in the bar at Symphony Hall.

    Symphony Hall wins hands down! ;)
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  8. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    I have heard that this years TP is a new one and is going to be possibly the best TP to come out in the last 20 years!!! That is quite a statement.

    I always go to the Open but have started going to both now. Last year's Nationals was better than the Open for me. Normally, Open is better.

    Will be going to both this year.

  9. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    The Open for me. I am a veteran Open-attendee going back to Belle Vue days. I haven't been every year since the move to Birmingham, but I can still get to the Open and back in a day, whereas the Nationals means 2 nights in London.

    Having said that, you do get to hear bands in London who don't play at the Open, which is always interesting, plus the pre-Contest concerts. It's just the cost and getting time off work make it an irregular treat rather than an annual event.

    I'm looking forward to the English Nationals at the Lowry Centre though.

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