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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by foxy bingo, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Does it always get commissioned via a familiar middle man/family now?
  2. cockaigne

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    Open test-pieces aren't always new commissions - 'Red Priest', the piece for this year, was commissioned by Black Dyke for their European own-choice at Linz last year (cue rumours of unfair advantages etc. etc. etc.).

    As the sixth work from Philip Wilby to appear as an Open [championship] test-piece, it does feel like they are going for familiar names. Given the commitment "to the promotion of musical excellence" given by Martin Mortimer, quoted on 4barsrest, we can understand why there is a certain necessity to go for a composer with an established reputation, in order to guarantee a piece of quality is the end result.

    Mortimer is also quoted as saying that "the test piece for the 2012 British Open will be a new work, and has already been commissioned. We also have other plans in the pipeline for a new work in 2013, so the commitment to the promotion of musical excellence remains in place."

    Full article on 4barsrest:
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