Online masterclasses with Sheona White, Russell Gray and Simone Rebello

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  1. As part of its online streaming of the European Brass Band Championships, British Bandsman and Yamaha Neo will be presenting a series of specially-filmed masterclasses. Featured films include:

    Sheona White - introducing the brand new Neo tenor horn

    Russelll Gray - Essentials of a practise routine

    Simone Rebello - Marimba masterclass

    All masterclasses include demonstrations and/or full performances.

    These films will form part of BB and Yamaha's online coverage of EBBC, starting this Friday (30 April) at 1600 BST, when the 10 Champion bands of Europe will perform Spirit by Thomas Doss. The coverage then continues at the lunchtime the following day when the same bands return to perform their own-choice test piece. It doesn't stop there: the gala concert takes place at 1900 BST, which will features some of the world's finest brass performers. The entire weekends transmission will be piloted by Simone Rebello, our presenter, who will introduce each of the bands and our studio guests, featuring top-flight players, conductors and personalities who will be in Linz at the weekend.

    All the above for the sum £8.00! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity - sign up here at:

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    Ha ha. Thanks for posting such a gormless picture of me! Seriously though, the masterclasses are really great, very interesting and all very different. Picked up quite a few useful tips myself!
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    Is there anyway to watch a recording of the Sheona White?

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    The Video will be available to view on the Yamaha Neo Facebook page very shortly. I'll post a link as soon as it's uploaded.
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    Going by Simone's photograph she must be related to Barry Ferguson or Alan McGregor :wink: