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    Who uses these and which are your favourites and which would you advise avoiding? Can they ever replace the personal lessons with a decent teacher? Or is the great advantage of online teachers a continual inspiration to practice?
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    Thank you for the link. I'll nip over and have a read now.
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    So how is it going for you DS2014? I'm thinking it is the way forward for me. Practically it gets round being there for the children and gives access to players who live miles away.
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    Its going really well. I'm just coming to the end of the second batch of five lessons, and I'll probably go for another five if the teacher is still willing. That'd take me to fifteen lessons stretched out over just about a year.

    As the guys in the previous thread said, having a teacher keeps you honest in your practice and keeps you focused. I practice six nights a week, two of which are at band. I doubt I'd do that much if I wasn't worried about not making progress for the next lesson.

    Give it a shot, and if you don't like it, then you've lost nothing except a few bob.
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