Online calendars for band? Any help?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Horn_goblin, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Horn_goblin

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    Hi there,

    Calling all tech minded banders, I'm attempting to create an easy system to sort the dreaded carolling rotas this year.

    I'd like to be able to have an online calendar or app where I can post the dates for carolling and band personnel can just click to confirm their availability on a particular day.

    Therefore I'd be able to see who is available for which carolling shift. I've tried Google calendar and doodle but both are overly complicated and would take longer then the spreadsheet I currently run.

    Any ideas anybody?
  2. DS2014

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    Can't think of anything simpler than Doodle poll: we use it at work all the time and it's a breeze.
  3. stevetrom

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    we use google docs and set up a spreadsheet with rehearsals & jobs, simple and free
  4. bassmittens

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    We use the Muzodo site. free and quite easy to use.
  5. We use Teamer pretty successfully. There's a small amount of overhead in adding members to your 'team', along with email addresses, phone numbers etc, but once that is done it's very straightforward to use.

    You create events (concerts, extra rehearsals, sectionals etc) which are automatically forwarded to all your members, and they can reply via either text, email or mobile phone app to say if they are available or not. You can then see everyone's availability (including those that haven't responded :mad:) for a particular event in your team's home page. Members can also mark their unavailability in blocks, e.g. for holidays, so that they won't receive invites for events whilst they are away. It will also automatically sends reminders to everyone the day before the event.

    You can use it for quite a lot more than this, e.g. facilitating collection of subscription payments (it was originally targeted at sports teams), but we only use the basic features.

    And it's free!
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  6. Bryan_sop

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    We use teamer too. Slightly irritating when a committee member is adding/removing rehearsal/concert dates and you get a text, email and app notice for each entry. I've turned my phone on to have 3 dozen notifications from Teamer in the past, so removed my mobile number and uninstalled the app. Handy to see who's not going to be at rehearsals etc. assuming people actually fill in their availibility. You do get some annoying spam emails trying to sell you sports gear too.
  7. Tam O Shanter

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    We use teamup - - for all band rehearsal availability and also engagements. It's easy to use, versatile and free. We have a public url that allows the members of the band to add new holidays/availability but they can't accidentally delete anything existing - we also have an admin url for someone who can delete anything. We have holidays/availability in a blue colour calendar and the engagements in a red colour calendar so we can easily distinguish. I would recommend it.
  8. GordonH

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    We have a diary and a pen in the corner of the band room.
  9. jonny1note

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    An online calendar seems a good idea at the time, but it depends if everyone has the wherewithal, ability, and enthusiasm to use it. I still believe a paper and pen year planner on the wall works fine where everybody (assuming they are regular rehearsal attendees) should see it once or twice a week.