One step along the world I go.

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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction for the brass parts for the above hymn which we need for the end of April. PM or 07901647927

    Many thanks
  2. Euphman2

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    Is that the first line of the hymn? If not, what is the tune title?
  3. GJG

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    All the relevant information is here:

    The correct 1st line of the hymn is "One More Step Along The World I Go"; the tune is named as "Southcote"

    There is no published brass band version that I know of.
  4. 2nd tenor

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    This hymn and tune ( ) does bring back some good junior school memories.

    It looks like anyone wanting to play Southcote is mostly limited to a keyboard instrument. However, if you were playing to a relatively small group and were able to transpose the piano music, then could you perform the piece with say four cornets, two euphoniums and two baritones (ie the rows to the left and right of the conductor)? The rest of the band could sing along, rest, or you might even alternate who was playing between verses, etc. Would that be OK?
  5. Backrowdiva

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    I remember playing this at junior school in the recorder group for assemblies (eek I feel old) and there being 4 part harmony (2xdescants, treble & tenor) from the "Come and Praise" books with piano accomp. Don't know if they're still in use at in schools today, but someone may have a copy floating about
  6. Thank you to everyone who rang or PM me re the above nice to know there are willing people out there to help!

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