One off Marching Contest - Open to All Yorkshire & Humberside Bands

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  1. Kat-SSB

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    Hi to all TMP members

    Stape Silver Band based in Pickering are considering holding a marching contest in the style of Easingwold this year in our home town. The date we are considering for this event is Saturday the 1st of August 2009. Stape Silver Band will be celebrating its 125 year anniversary in 2009 and we are planning to celebrate throughout the year with a variety of events and concerts. The band enjoys its annual outing to Easingwold contest, which we have entered on 23 occasions, and therefore thought a contest in this style would form a really nice part of our anniversary celebrations.

    We propose the contest to be in the same format of Easingwold with a march within the main street of Pickering and a contest march performed on a standing area. We will be limiting the number of bands to 12 due to the time of the sunset at this time of year.

    Pickering has decided on this day to hold a ‘Yorkshire Day’ celebration, which will see activities throughout the day for visitors and the local community to enjoy. Our contest would be a designed to enhance the day and provide evening entertainment for the crowds.

    The proposal of this contest has been supported by the Yorkshire and Humberside Brass Band Association and we will be welcoming their advice in the organisation of the event.

    We would like to ask bands within the YHBBA if they would be interested in taking part in this contest. Your expression of interest is not a firm acceptance of attendance, registration for the contest will follow later in the year, we are purely trying to gauge potential interest in this event and allow bands to enter this date into their events calendar.

    Stape Silver Band would be grateful if you could advise us of your thoughts on this event and whether you would consider entering, a copy of this letter should already have been received by your secretary.

    Please use this thread to leave your comments/interest or suggestions as all are gratefully received and we would welcome TMP's members support.

    Kat Smith & Tanya Rex

  2. Kat-SSB

    Kat-SSB Member

    Ooops Sorry did forget to say if any bands from outside of the area would be interested please let us know and we will see if we can acommodate!
  3. sudcornet

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    Swinton and District Excelsior Band will be there....with knobs on.....can I have a lift home Kat?

  4. Kat-SSB

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    I would think we will be able to arrange that, planing on staying out for a few afterwards but I think we'll be able to get you home!
  5. Kat-SSB

    Kat-SSB Member

    Thank you to those bands who have expressed an interest we will shortly be back to you with more details

    After communications with a couple of interested bands we would now like to open this competition up to bands from outside of the Yorkshire & Humberside Brass Band Association to allow as many interested bands as possible to participate.

    If you interested please get in touch by email or phone


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