One Note Solo?

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  1. meandmycornet

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    Hello again my dears.....

    We have been discussing solo's that are a bit of a novelty, that our kids could take turns to play out this summer!

    Mother's heard of one where the kid gets up and makes a fuss of putting their music on the stand and is there waiting to come in... keeps putting their instrument up to come in, but everytime they do the conductors waves as if to say no... until the end when they play the last note as a solo..... any ideas what that piece is?

    also there's another one that we've heard about that is just one note all the way through on the solo part?

    any others similar to this you've heard about?

  2. Brian Kelly

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    The solo which is just one note all the way through (except for the very last note!) is "Solo Secondo" by William Himes, described as a solo for 2nd horn and band.
  3. Rob

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    The first one you mentioned was done with Frank Renton as soloist with the NYBBS Reserve band around 10 years ago - someone involved with that might know! Can't remember the name unfortunately.
  4. Bass Man

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    We played this at a recent concert. Went down very well with the crowd, very funny indeed!
  5. tinytimp

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    Not sure about the piece you're mentioning at the beginning, but thought I'd suggest a similar one. It's called 'Muffin Rhapsody' arr. by William Himes, and contains a 'solo' part using just E, D and C, with two different styles of band accompaniment. We played a concert with Boscombe SA Learners Group a few weeks ago, and this was really effective!
  6. Nice Horn!

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    There is another called "One note Bugler" but I'm not sure who wrote it.
  7. T Winch

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    Wasn't that due to Alan's acting skills? ;)
  8. Leyfy

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    Sounds like the solo for me! ;)
  9. Jan H

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    We did a piece with our youth band that had a one note solo for triangle. We had our youngest percussion player all dressed up for his big solo :)
    The piece was a (very cheesy) arrangement of Dvorak's New World Symphony. I think it was called "Antonin's New World" or something like that.

    I went to a concert recently where Solo Secundo was played as well. All through the concert, the second horn player was hinting he wanted to play a solo when another soloist was being announced, and when he finally got his solo (replacing a so called guest soloist who couldn't make it after all), he gave an absolutley hilarous show. It had been a long time since I laughed that much (during a concert ;) ).
  10. Lyndon Price

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    Used to play a piece called " One Finger Polka" that the principle cornet used to play in a sling.....always good for a titter
  11. Can second (or maybe third!!) solo secondo.
    Always goes down well with an audience
  12. Nuh Bell

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    Does anyone know how to get hold of this? Our conductor has been talking about it for ages, but we can't find a published version?
  13. Toni2

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    From HuddsbassBone (using Toni2's login!)

    When I was in youth band (many moons ago....LOL!), we used to play a piece called 'The Eternal Triangle' which showcased the conductor's youngest son, who was about 7 at the time. Surprisingly enough, the piece was a triangle solo. I hated it with a passion. But its easy and quite sweet for young kids to do, I suppose.

    Thanks for letting me hi-jack your log in for a minute, Toni! x
  14. Bass Man

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    Bit of both really mate
  15. tubafran

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    Saw a band a few years ago big up a bass trombone soloist - big intro - he comes on in full sou'wester gear and they play? - Padstow Lifeboat - basically the trom just plays the same fog horn note all the way through. Would have been funnier if he'd had a real bucket of water thrown in his face instead of a bucket of paper tissue.