One Moment in Time

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by axio, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. axio

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    Can somebody tell me who the arranger is for "One Moment in Time", as played on Grimethorpe's "Australian Tour Edition" CD?

    (a.k.a. where can I buy it from?)

    Cheers :)
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    If it's a Soprano Cornet Solo , I know we had an arrangement done for us at Point of Ayr Colliery by Wyn Pearson ( one time Point of Ayr Band percussionist ) , it was played on a Listen to the Band broadcast back in 1989 played by Ian Davies. It was not available for hire or to buy.
    There is another arrangement ( the only other one I think) and that is a bernarts arrangement for band( not as a solo).
    hope this helps.
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    I've played a couple of arrangements of this in the past, and I can ohnestly say that I think the Frank Bernaerts version is the best!

    The other arrangement, I think it was the Mortimer one had very odd euph semiquaver bits! :rolleyes:

    There is also an arrangement by Alan Fernie but I've not played/heard it.
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    I've just got my band handing this piece in so I cant see what version we have just this second.... but it was probably ther Bernaerts one :p .... great piece, great arrangement :)