Once Upon a Time in the West

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  1. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out.

    I've bought an arrangement of Once Upon a Time in the West, by John Mortimer (the one with the harmonica part). Unfortunately, due to my own stupidity I've ended up with the wind band version. I was wondering if anyone has a set of the brass band parts I could borrow/have a copy of to save me having to rewrite everything, and also to avoid having to explain to the rest of the band exactly how stupid I am (not that they don't know that already).


  2. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Kinda related - I love Morricone's music...
    What other titles of his have been arranged for Brass Band?
    Gabriel's Oboe; "Lloyd George"...what else?
  3. Not a great deal, come to think of it. Off the top of my head there's really just The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Ray Farr, I think), a couple of arrangements of the theme tune to Once Upon a Time in the West as a soprano/singer solo and then a few compilations of several tunes.

    Given how prolific the guy was, you might have expected there to be a bit more out there for brass band, but that's about all I can think of.
  4. iRyan

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    I played The Man with a Harmonica back when I was with Shepherds Group Brass Band, dunno if you could give them a bell and ask if they have it :p
  5. DocFox

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    Won't they let you exchange it? I suppose maybe not, you could copy first. But my favorite music store (besides mine) in the US will let you exchange it in 30 days.

    Other than that, I would be glad to help transpose it :clap:

  6. trumpetmike

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    Not sure I can help on the brass band side of things, but I might know someone who would be willing to take the windband set off your hands (yes, they would pay) - if that would help.
    Is the harmonica part vital, or is it doubled in the band?
  7. iRyan

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    Aye it is vital, it plays on its own at the start, then pretty much all the way through it, and on it's own with horns at the end :p We just used a keyboard with a pitch bender to play it!
  8. Alyn James

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    Come on all you clever arrangers out there!
    How about Deborah's Theme ( Once Upon a Time in America ) and the trumpet solo from A Fistful of Dollars for starters?
  9. DocFox

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    Arranging such things would be a blast. But paying the royalties is NOT. I have stuck to arranging public domain pieces and original compositions. Simply because the cost of royalties (in some circumstances) is high. Now if you are a "big name" and have assured sales, well then you might risk paying upfront knowing it will sell.

    Is it any different in the UK?


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