"On The Track" Xylo solo. Wanted desperately!!

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  1. Does anyone know how I could get hold of a brass band arrangement of the xylophone solo "On The Track" originally by Jack Simpson? My son has played the solo with piano accompaniment but is desperate to have a go at it with band.:cry:
  2. DaveR

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    Do you know who publishes the piano accomp version? It's possible that they may (or know who - if anybody) publishes the full band version.

    If it's not published / available, I would be willing to have a crack at arranging it for full band for you - copyright issues permitting....
  3. Bones

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    I believe Sarah Burn at Reg Vardy has done this one. Arr either Alan Catherall or Ray Farr.

    Might be worth checking those respective catalogues.
  4. It's so old it's out of copyright and out of print (1933!) The piano accomp version was by Chappel & Co and there is also a wind band arrangement by the same publishers. I've tried Alan Catherall and he has done an arrangement which he thinks Reg Vardy have, so I'm trying to contact someone there next! If anyone from Reg Vardy can help, I'd be very grateful!
    If all else fails I may well need an arranger!!
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  5. Texus

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    Contact aveley and newham on thier website - one of the percussionists arranged it.
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    We have the Alan Catherall version. I will ask him tonight ( coz he plays cornet with us and would have already known we have it.) if he is prepared to let you have a copy. This is because he arranged it for the Black Dyke Percussionist Anne Armstrong some time ago.
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  7. Try the Gus band, they (Rigid) had it about 12 years ago.
  8. On track!!

    I've just found out that Alan Catherall has sent his arrangement to Kirklees Music in Brighouse so I will be able to get hold of a set of parts from there once they have published it.
    Many thanks to everyone who has helped - it just shows how useful tMP is when you have a problem. Thank you especially to Alan Catherall and also to Kirklees Music.

    A big thanks from my son too - that will keep him busy for a while anyway!

    Come on you xylo players, give it a try!:clap:
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    When it is published, drop me a line because I'll be able to sell it to you 10% cheaper than Kirkless will sell it to you! :D
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    Bollington have it, we played it only last year! But unfortunately I've left the band now but if you know anyone playing with them at the mo I'm sure they'd help. Or stick Bollington Brass Band into google and their secretary's name and number pops up! I'm sure he won't mind!
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    Played it, on the track, round the track, track three.... need I go on. :D
    But have fun with it, not really a high brow solo but a right old crowd pleaser! Good luck to the young xylophonist:clap:

    After he's mastered that, try Helter Skelter or Robin' Harry, even Czardas. A bit higher standard but still plenty of chance to improve technique.
  12. Just started sorting Helter Skelter!
  13. Kirklees have now published it.:clap:
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    I have full brass band, concert/military band and brass quintet arrangements of On the track. PM me if you want anymore info.
    I also have about 50 other xylo solos with brass band accomp. Some of these solos havn't been performed for 20 or 30 years!!!!
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    Sorry to pour cold water on this thread, but I feel a word of warning is needed. Just because a piece is published in 1933 (so old!!) doesn't mean it is out of copyright.

    I can't find dates for Jack Simpson, but he was timpanist and xylophonist with bands like Jack Hylton and Ambrose and was certainly still performing and recording in 1938. Even if he had died that year - and he didn't, as he seems to have appeared in a film in 1948 - he does not come out of cop. till 2009.

    This piece is very much in copyright, so please be careful about sharing possibly illegal arrangements - and assuming that because a piece is 'old' it is in the public domain. Nessum Dorma and Happy Birthday are still in copyright, for example!