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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by alanl58, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. alanl58

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    Ok, so I could not care less whether the Olympics are held in London 2012 or not.

    But if we really want to put Brass Bands on the cultural map of the UK, should someone not be badgering for perhaps a "Grand band" comprising as many people as possible to take part in the Opening or Closing ceremonies?

    Something similar was put on for the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, but really this is an opportunity too good to be missed.

    So is anyone doing anything? Can I, or perhaps TMp, make ourselves a nuisance to Seb Coe et al and ensure that Brass banding is not ignored?

  2. KMJ Recordings

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    Well volunteered - everyone else take a step back ;)
  3. JesTperfect!

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    Great idea! Off you go!

    Always happy to bring up the rear ;)
  4. TheMusicMan

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    Given the recent attempt to put a tMP band together for the whits, and the fact that we were unable to do so having to pull out suggests that whoever takes this on will have a mammoth task. I did contact the Olympic 2012 team early on after they announced the win, but was told to contact them again in a year or so.

    Also, the BFBB have made approaches and I believe are doing something.
  5. tubafran

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    Will this be what they are doing?

    Interesting to note that there will be no money for any events at the moment

    "Brass bands are being invited to apply to have their own projects recognised as part of the Cultural Olympiad, though in many cases there is no funding available for these, but successful applications will be rewarded with the honour of using an official non-commercial mark for the 2012 Olympics"

    So it's only going to cost £9billion + the overrun cost but hey at least we can get some brass bands for free. I wonder whether all the UK competitors will be competing just for the "honour" - how much have the lottery spent on funding athletes over the last few years so that we can get more medals than the last event?
  6. tubafran

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    Was just wondering how much money has been allocated from the Lottery - found this on culture.gov.uk

    By September 2001 the Sports Councils across the United Kingdom had awarded nearly 17,000 grants worth nearly £1.6 billion.

    how much will have been spent by 2012?

    Perhaps we should get that MP to compare what's been spent on bands in the same period?
  7. tubafran

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    Also found this information up to 2005

    "More than £3 billion of Lottery funding has been invested into sport in the UK since The National Lottery began in 1994, from grass roots through to elite athletes."

    Anyone care to stab at how much will have been spent by 2012 - assuming allocation is increasing year on year it must be upwards of another £3 billion by then.

    £6 billion!!!
  8. englishgill

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    Any chance at all of tMP being a forum where we don't feel the need to bash the Olympics at every opportunity? I am pleased to have the Games close to where I live why can't people be more enthusiastic???
  9. DublinBass

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    You naive tenor horn players :p

    Anyways, if I can get a place to lay my head, I'll be happy to support the English bid!
  10. tubafran

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    Don't think I felt this was an opportunity to bash the Olympics, was just trying to give an opinion on the disparity between the masive amounts of money being spent (which originally was costed as £2.5 billion and is now up to £9billion and counting) on them, compared to lottery allocation to brass bands - this is a brass band forum after all.

    I'm sure it will be a wonderful opportunity for local bands to be involved but what a pity that bands should be expected to put together bids for special projects but they will receive no funding for it.