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    I'm surprised that, as far as I'm aware anyway, there has been no band CD released with Olympic themes; not even a compilation. I'll readily admit that I didn't think of it until now and, assuming it's a good idea, two days notice is expecting a lot. I don't even know what would be on it; just sitting here waiting for an urgent phone call from Montreal and decided to have a look at tMP and had the thought.

    I do realize from another thread that I may be a little premature and that "Grimethorpe at the Olympics" is possibly due for release on Friday.
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    Not allowed.jpg

    Maybe this is why ;)
  3. WorldofBrass.com

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    Pictures (Black Dyke Band) was the closest we could get because of the restrictions on wording surrounding the large event in London and in other parts of the UK of which the official opening is tomorrow evening.
    There, have I managed to steer clear of the unmentionable words?!

    The disc does include Judith Bingham's Four Minute Mile and Pure Gold - A 4x4 Relay which the band commissioned from Luke Carver Goss in connection with New Music 20x12, a commissioning initiative as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
  4. If an Olympic Themed CD was to be produced, what popular brass band titles would be appropriate, perhaps with a little adaptation? These are the best I can come up with so far...

    Let Me Try Again (Pole Vault/HIgh Jump)
    Silver Trails Behind the Gold
    Cross Batons
    Judges of the Badminton Court
    Aces High (Tennis)

    Shirley someone can do better than this...
  5. John Brooks

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    Lord of the Flyers (running)
    Lord of the Olympic Rings

    ......guess I'm not Shirley :)
  6. Triumphant Laps O.D. (too many laps of honour...)
  7. John Brooks

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    Journey Into Freedom (for athletes of communist countries who apply for political assylum during the games)

    Calling All Athletes (aka Workers)

    Heralds of Victory
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    Waiting for a Train, *hit
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    8 original,
    Olympic Summer Celebratory brass band compositions to be found together here
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    Hope you don't fall foul of the Olympic word police

    Olympic is a copyrighted word and Summer is on List B
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    yes... its all a bit OTT. that Olympic copyright thing.

    However... as everything to do with FMFK is non commercial and we have complied with Olympic guidelines trying to be careful not to directy associate ourselves officially with the olympics by our use of the wording 'Olympic Celebration' and 'Olympic Summer' things should be Ok.

    I can fully understand the Official Olympic partners bieng upset by anyone attempting to make money on the back of the Olympics having bought the right to do so themselves.

    but... like schools who's art department asks students for Olympic themed artwork or teaching of the morals of Olympic Spirit....we are simply celebrating the Olympics ourselves, for the benefit of children, with topical music that hopefully inspires a sence of world community.

    Just as if one ran a web page title "I like CocaCola" ... You wont get Coke complaining. Unless you make money from that website.
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    I hope you are right, Jon, but an organisation that stops a small kiosk vendor at Custom House for Excel Station from opening at all during the Olympics because he sells coffee and there is a large temporary Maccie Ds inside Excel does not seem to be inclined to niceties.
  13. its_jon

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    The vendor would be selling though, The Olympics something that was capitalized on for profit.

    The Olympians themselves run for their countries not for profit

    At fmfk we also uphold the same values. We make music for the children of our country and not for profit

    All the fmfk Community - Music is offered freely in celebration of the Olympics.
    If it was not for communities getting together celibtrating the Olympics in one way or another the Olympics would not be the success it is.
    You can't ignore an event like the Olympics and the morals it teaches our children.

    Its only when money enters the equasion that the powers that be become ravenous.
  14. Will the Sec

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    As I said, Jon, I hope you're right, but the Woolympics would seem to prove that TPTB will go after anybody, if not necessarily win.