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    We Start off the FMFK Olympic Summer with Heroes by - Andrew Norman.


    And we break the 15 minute barrier with the 3 Part Voyage... Calibration


    Both FREE to Download, Print and Perform

    We have several more pieces arriving soon for the Olympic Summer @ FMFK

    If you also have some copyright free or original Olympic, Summery or ANY type of Brass Band music
    you would like to freely share with the Brass Band Community please get in touch with us.

    FMFK - Here for Us
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    A superb party piece for the up comming celebrations,
    happily with the capabilities of Junior and Lower section bands.

    The celebrated Robin Langdon has kindly allowed FMFK to freely distribute this music.

    Many thanks from us all.
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    Robin Adair - Now available at FMFK

    This haunting cornet solo was kindly offered by one of our prime contributors Chris Brown.

    Free to download,print and perform.

    Many thanks to Chris.
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    March Bonchester

    by Barry Brookes

    A crisp NEW march
    Now freely available on FMFK

    Many thanks Barry for your contributions to our FMFK community database.
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    Keeping it real

    Ever wanted the scoring application you use to sound more realistic ?

    We are embarking on a high deffinition sound font specifically for brass band voicing.
    If you are interested in contributing to the FMFK HD Soundfont project
    Please get in touch.

    More about the project HERE

    The font will be part of the FREE MuseScore music typesetter.

    The opportunity to imortillise your playing forever.

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    Diamonds & Torches

    The Queen's Jubilee weekend may be over but the Olympic Games are just ahead of us
    Diamonds and Torches is a great new work by Lee Morris.

    to share with our Brass Band Community
    on the FMFK website.
    More about the piece including downlad links HERE
    Many FREE Olympic Summer themed pieces can now be found on FMFK website with more to follow over the comming days.

    Also... Check out the new All4Brass website for news about more Olympic themed compositions
    . :clap:
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    Enthusiastic contributor John Hind would like to share with you all
    his arrangement of the
    enchanting Bethena Rag by Scott Joplin

    Thank you so much John, an Ideal vintage number for a sunny bandstand day
    and FREE ...
    Some of the parts can easily be adapted to lower registers if required.

    We welcome scores of all sizes as well as a simple, humble excercise sheet.
    It all helps to swell Junior Band Libraries,
    or to free more cash for struggling bands enableing the purchase of more expensive, proffesional works, more often.
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    More free Olympic Music from FMFK

    Podium Parade

    FMFK latest, A VERY topical, piece from the pen of Chris Brown (The Scottish Bard of Brass)
    A Great Olympic concert item.

    Many thanks once more to Chris Brown who allows us to distribute this music freely to the brass band community.
    Chris has been very busy with his own site - full of new works.
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    With the forthcomming Durham Miners Gala in our sights,
    One of UK Bandings largest events we present:-

    The Cage

    New to FMFK .... Free to download, print and perform.

    Collieries and Brass Bands have been intertwined for over 100 years.
    This piece in remeberance of the mineworkers who fueled the industrial revolution.

    Achievable for good junior and lower section bands.

    See you all at Durham on July

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    Old Irish Folk Song

    Now available FREE on FMFK thanks to the enthusiastic John Hind.
    It's a very expressive piece which uses dynamics to push and pull the listener gently but determinedly on a sentimental little journey.

    If you also have any copyright free arrangements or original compositions you would like to share with the banding community please get in touch with FMFK.

    Music either directly for children to play, for the benefit of kids, or that indirectly free's up cash to help support your junior band, its all good !

    Save money with FMFK so you can afford more profound commercial music or that commision you always promised your band.
    Many of our contributors also take on commisions along with holding catalogs of commercial work. They make FMFK the resource it is today. Pay them a visit.

    Lastly. Support All 4 Brass who freely promote music publishers of ALL sizes. Something we applaud.
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    Thunder and Lightning Polka

    Here's an arrangement of a very popular Strauss polka from the productive pen of Dave Honeywell.

    In Dave's popular Flexible Quartet form,
    ideal for the smaller ensemble this piece is topical for all sorts of reasons...not least the miserable,
    inclement weather the UK has been experiencing this summer !

    Many Thanks to Dave once more on behalf of the amature banding community.

    More to follow soon from
    Dave Honeywell

    FREE from FMFK
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    A beautiful Hymn from our friends in Yorkshire

    Arranged by the late Norman Morley, former Musical Director of
    Kippax Band,
    now converted into digital format by Phil Driscoll of the current Kippax band.

    The relatives of Norman Morley have kindly allowed Phil to offer the arrangement for distribution within the FMFK community.

    Cloisters is available Free to the brass band community.
    Please download, print and perform this great work in celebration.

    Side Note:-
    Cloisters was digitally recreated in the Scoring Application MuseScore by Phil Driscoll..
    The sound file also rendered using MuseScore
    MuseScore is a world wide community GPL application with thousands of contributors to its code,
    The latest release includes contributions from FMFK providing UK Brass Band and SA Templates.
    We are now working with MuseScore to ensure Brass Instruments (Brass Band specific instruments)
    are accuratly represented inside the New MuseScore HD Soundfont (high definition)
    Interest in contributing to this project has extended to BBC Sound engineers,
    Endorsing artists from leading instrument manufacturers, Leading physicists with anechoic chamber access and Composers scoring for film.
    More about the FMFK/MuseScore HD Soundfont Project over the comming months.

    Why all the info about MuseScore ?
    Well... We think MuseScore will become the finest Scoring application for Brass Band
    One of the main reasons for this is, WE (thats you/us) can all help to make it as good as we want it to be as anyone is welcome to contribute to its development.
    If you have an idea but are unsure how to express it, either technically or otherwise, why not send your idea to FMFK and we would be happy to propose it to the MuseScore developers.
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    Arranged as a Flexible Quartet
    by Dave Honeywell

    This captivating classic presented in his versatile brass quartet format is available FREE @ FMFK

    Dave has a huge selection of works and we are delighted to be able to freely offer the banding community some quality slices.

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    Puddle Dash

    A cheesy little number - lots of puddle splashes, so enthusiastic cymbal playing required throughout !

    Available Free from the Brass Band section of the fmfk website

    We are always looking for new contributors to fill up the fmfk libraries.
    Our contributors can also raise awareness of good causes and worthy charities

    It only takes a little bit of time by everyone to make a huge difference.
    The responce has been heart warming.
    Banding once more returing to its amteure roots free from creative sapping commercial shackles, grant chasing and every man for himself politics.
    It has only been a year since fmfk opened its server and we have achieved over one score a week, the majority of which are Original works.

    Thanks Everyone
    :clap::metal::metal: Rock On ! ...Why Not Join in ?

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    As our Olympic Summer season draws to a close we present a compilation of Olympic Summer music
    contributed to fmfk for the benefit of children in this our Celebratory 2012

    8 Original Brass Band Works

    Free to download, print, and play

    fmfk Olympic Summer
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    [TABLE="width: 500"]

    2 Simple Charts
    to help your youth band leader

    Always handy ! ...but often hard to find when you need them.

    Now part of the fmfk database for everyone.

    Got some useful excercise charts ? why not share them on FMFK
    The more you give, the more we ALL get.

    fmfk has averaged over 1 score PER WEEK over the last 12 months :clap:
    and its all for you / us

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