Oldham (Lees) Band in concert with David Thornton and Richard Marshall - 17 April

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  1. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    The Oldham (Lees) Brass Band will be performing at St.Edwards RC Church, Lees this Saturday night with guest soloists David Thornton and Richard Marshall.

    The concert is in aid of the Lees Whit Friday Contest Fund - 2010.
    As many of you will remember last year was a very soggy event and the money raised from selling programmes in Lees was not as much as hoped - probably due to the poor weather; they are desperatly trying to raise as much as possible before this years event.

    Come and show your support and help raise some much needed funds for the contest and enjoy some world class soloists and an entertaining evening with Oldham (Lees) Brass Band by attending this Saturday :clap:

    All the important information is below!!

    Who: Oldham (Lees) Brass Band with guest soloists David Thornton and Richard Marshall
    Where: St. Edward's RC Church, Spring Lane, Lees, Oldham, Lancashire
    Date: Saturday 17th April 2010
    Time: Doors open at 7:30 for 8pm Start
    Tickets: On the door!!

    Thank you
  2. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Are they free?:eek:;)
  3. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    Unfortunately not – the concert is a fundraiser so every penny counts!! :)

    I did not have the information regarding the ticket prices when I put the post up - I will try and find the information for you as soon as possible...

    Thank you
  4. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    I have been advised tickets are £8 on the door and they are also available at local shops in the Lees and Springhead area if you would like to buy in advance.

    I hope this helps
  5. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks, Michelle - knowing how much you're going to have to fork out can be a deciding factor in whether to make the effort, however noble the cause!
  6. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    Hopefully it will encourage people to come!!

    £8 is a bargain to see both Richard Marshall and David Thornton perform - and of course the money is going to the running costs and prize fund for Whit Friday, which I am sure many tMP-ers will be eager to try and win! :clap:

    (I understand there is a reduced rate for concessions but I dont know what that is - apologies!)

    Thanks again!
  7. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    Thank you to all who came to the concert on Saturday!

    It was an excellent evening in which we managed to raise over £800 towards the Running costs and Prize fund of the Lees & Springhead Contest for Whit Friday!!

    Thank you to Nicholas Childs, David Thornton and Richard Marshall for taking part in the concert and taking time out of their very busy schedule to help support the fundraising event. :clap:

    Fingers crossed for a warm one this year!! ;)

    Thanks again to all who helped and attended,
  8. DobX Dave

    DobX Dave Member

    I was unable to attend the concert ~ courtesy of the ‘Icelandic Ash’.

    Over £800 towards the fund is very good.

    Out of interest what did Messrs Marshall and Thornton play and for the matter, what did the band play.

    Perhaps this might stop ‘Billysackbutt’ and various other tMP members from criticising Oldham Band, especially if their band wins a prize at the Lees Contest.
  9. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    Certainly - I am not sure these are ALL the pieces the band played, my memory isn't what it used to be ;)

    David Thornton played Variations on Rule Britannia and Nessun Dorma and Richard Marshall played The Nightingale and the cornet solo Muschla (apologies – I have probably spelt that wrong!)

    The band opened with the March ‘Sons of the brave’ and continued with the overture The Thievish Magpie. The two halves were then varied, broken up by the aforementioned soloist pieces, the band played pieces which included Lil’ Darlin’, Grandfathers Clock (Soloist Becky Childs on Baritone), the second half started with Joy, Peace and Happiness followed straight into Swing Swing Swing - Featuring Saxophone solo by Adele (– These two pieces were not conducted and went down a treat!!) and Shine as the Light.
  10. cookie101880

    cookie101880 Member

    It certainley isn't Shell! I'm sure we were sharing the same stand and it didn't have some of them pieces on!!!

    Started with Voice of the guns not Sons of the brave!!!

    And i'm sure it was sing sing sing not swing swing swing!!!

    Also included light walk , Stingray etc..

    Hopefully your memory will return to normal when the little one pops out!
  11. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member


    I was warned I would "lose it a little" when I have the baby - Im not sure what my present dizzyness is down to now (Im not sure being pregnant is 100% to blame either - I don't think I have ever been "all there"!)
  12. DobX Dave

    DobX Dave Member

    I would imagine that at your next rehearsal Michelle will get her own back and leave an awkward passage to you ~ I would.

    With Michelle expecting, does that mean that Cookie101880 will be taking over as Principal Cornet? If it is Cookie101880, he/she will certainly have ‘a hard act to follow’.

    Best of luck with your ‘future event’ Michelle.

    A friend of mine of was at the concert and tried to tell me the story about John Collins, your conductor, awarding Richard Marshall something, but he was at the rear of the Hall and with no microphone he failed to hear what it was. Whatever it was, everyone was laughing and it received hearty applause ~ but what was it ?
  13. cookie101880

    cookie101880 Member

    I don't think so Dave i'm quite happy throwing off beats out on the back row!
  14. DobX Dave

    DobX Dave Member

    Does that mean that Michelle has continued playing and assisting on the back row ?

    Who then is the new principal cornet, have checked your website but no information now listed who plays for Oldham.

    Regarding my post number 12 on this thread ~ "A friend of mine of was at the concert and tried to tell me the story about John Collins, your conductor, awarding Richard Marshall something, but he was at the rear of the Hall and with no microphone he failed to hear what it was. Whatever it was, everyone was laughing and it received hearty applause ~ but what was it ?"

    Did any members present at the concert hear what was said ?
  15. j.e.collins

    j.e.collins New Member

    Richard Marshall

    Dear Dave,

    The Richard Marshall 'comment' seems to have intrigued you so I thought I would shed some light on this.

    On the night of the concert one of my suckler cows had given birth while the band was rehearsing with Nick Childs, Dave Thornton and Richard Marshall. I went home to see if mother and calf were ok. Molly and calf were fine and she had had a bull calf!

    When Richard Marshall had done his second solo I took over from Nick to take the band through Shine as the Light. I thanked Richard for his amazing solo and then proceeded to give Richard one of the greatest accolades that I can bestow on anyone and I named Molly's calf Richard! (My two young children usually name the calves, we now have such names as 'Hannah Montana' and lots of names of children in their classes). In my children's eyes naming a calf after someone is a very high honour.

    I did ask Richard his permission before I said this to the audience and he was very much up for it. It, as you have said, provided a fabulous moment of mirth with the audience and the whole episode went down rather well.

    I think that answers your question, thanks for your continuing support.

    John Collins

    MD Oldham Band (Lees)
  16. DobX Dave

    DobX Dave Member

    Dear Mr. Collins, well that must be a first, I cannot imagine that Messrs Murphy, Shepherd, McCann and Webster had such an ‘honour’ bestowed on them !!

    No wonder the audience were laughing and that there was a hearty applause.

    It is good to see a band and the Guest Conductor/Soloists putting something back into banding.

    Hope you and the band do well at the Whit Marches, I look forward to hearing the band both in the morning and the evening.

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