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  1. arrawarra

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    Hi, I have just recently acquired a 42 year old Holton TR-180 bass trombone and must admit love the tone and feel of this older instrument. Just wondering if there was anyone else out there who also plays on one?
  2. Red Dog Brass

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    A fabulous instrument. Played on one for years until it could take no more repairs - it was about 40 years old. Alas the new ones aren't quite the same. Enjoy, and look after it.
  3. arrawarra

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    Hi, I agree the more I play this bone the more I like it. Good to see someone out there likes them too.
  4. Independent Silver Band

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    One of my trombones is a gold plated H.N. White. Somewhere around 1900.
  5. The old Holtons are great well balanced instruments whcih are far better than the newer models. I played one for 25 years until last year when i brought my rath.
  6. SteveT

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    I have a King 4B (Elkhart) which i find it impossible to replace. All the new ones I have tried are no where near. I bought it new in 1975.. So over 35 years old! It has earned its keep hundreds of times over!
  7. trumpetmike

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    Despite being a trumpet player, I own a couple of trombones - one is a small bore, rimless bell Conn (can't remember which model) from about 1930. It has now been out on loan to a trombone playing friend for about 2 years - he loves it for small band jazz.

    The other is the older brother - a Silvani & Smith. The factory shut down in 1894, beyond that I don't know an exact date. Plays beautifully (when the slide has been cleaned)
  8. Independent Silver Band

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  9. Thirteen Ball

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    Despite not being a trombonist, I have something of a fondness for older instruments too. The sweetest-sounding bass I ever played was a non-compensating boosey three-valve that used to be used by one of the lads in my junior band.

    We reckoned it was about 1900-1905 from the number on it. Looked a right state as it'd been pretty neglected at times, but made a lovely sound through the whole range. And despite being a non-compensator, it was bob on for tuning too.

    Likewise when I went onto Eb, for a while I had a medium bore 4 valve imperial, which our band sergeant reckoned was 1960s, and that was as nice as pie. used to have a lovely sound in middle/high register work, and was almost impossible to crack or rasp a note on, no matter how hard you pushed it.

    Then I got given a lottery-era sov.... :(
  10. MoominDave

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  11. Independent Silver Band

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    It is indeed a 44H. I have one, but have not used it much, so I didn't know the playing properties thereof. I have somewhere in the area of 35-40 trombones, so I have horns I have played only once or twice. I think I have mentioned my Bass Trombone is a Conn 62H that I bought in 1968. I have tried many other instruments, and have not found one that equals it, though I have not tried a Rath. I also have an 88H that I bought at the same time, and I would not part with it.
  12. trumpetmike

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  13. nethers

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    My daily workhorse 88H is a mere child at a lowly 25(ish, been a while since I looked it up) years old. A bit scruffy to look at, but a magical instrument that people have tried to buy from me several times down the years. Big and dark, and will take everything you shove in to it. Still a lovely deep sound even when tickling it at ppp...p. Again, beautiful tuning, in fact too good for me, catches me out on certain notes where I automatically throw the slide to a short/long position and then realise I need not have bothered! A great swap from my previous brand new Conn (not missed at all). In my experience with bones, old beats new by a mile.

    That said, I'll be in the UK April/May 2011 and am looking to offload it after 7 years good service, time for a change, enquiries invited :D

    Is anyone making a good trombone at the minute? The Raths are well made, but I just never quite found one that suits me.