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  1. Tracey

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    From Parks to Proms
    From bandstand classics to prom favourites, this spectacular evening will have something for everyone..and more
    with music by Old Silkstone Band, Brighouse & Rastrick Band and the Huddersfield Choral Society
    Friday 20th October - 7.30pm at Sheffield City Hall

    Tickets; £15, £12,50 and £10
    Call box office on 01142 789 789

    All proceeds will go to Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice.
    Our aim is to raise £25 000 for a new family room from this one special event.

    Sponcered by Beresfords Solicitors

    Bluebell Wood 0845 108 1579
    Beresfords Solicitors 01302 329655 www.beresfords.com
  2. Tracey

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    This event is to be compered by Dennis Taylor!
  3. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Who's he play for?

    I will be looking forward to hearing his anecdotes about playing for all the top bands - Killamarsh have a block booking on seats and I'm sure it will be a fantastic night out.
  4. Tracey

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    Just a reminder that there are onlyu 2 more days to get your tickets for this concert so don't delay!!!

    Not quite sure who Dennis Taylor plays for, somewhere in Ireland I think ;) ;) ;)
  5. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    oh right now I know who we are talking about - isn't he famous for playing The Black & White Rag? "Cos for those of you watching in black and white the red is next to the green"
  6. gawber

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    Really enjoyed it last night.

    Hope you managed to raise plenty of money for Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.
  7. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Would have to say that Friday's evening concert with Old Silkstone, Brighouse and guests was an excellent night out. It was well attended, so that will presumably mean that Bluebell Wood will receive a substantial sum of money towards the target of £25,000.00 that the band had hoped to raise on the night. I'm sure Tracey will be let us know what was raised in the near future.

    The playing had a few high and some not so highs but I'm sure that the majority of this audience would have rated it a fantastic evening out - I've not got my programme with me but it included

    Oh Fortuna
    Light Cavalry
    Hymns of Praise
    Mask of Zorro
    Grand March from Aida

    Windows of the World - Amazonia, Celtic Dreams, Drums of Thunder
    Fantastia on British Sea Songs,
    Pomp & Circumstance

    There was also some stuff from the Huddersfield Choral Society - Zadok and the Messiah.

    Pete Roberts, as a guest soloist, was unable to attend due to illness but Alan Morrison played a couple of extra solos to cover - Georgia On My Mind and a Tribute to Sachmo. David Thornton was the other guest soloist and he played There Will be God and Peter Graham's Brilliante and he had a walk on part for the solo in Celtic Dreams. Both soloists put on extremely fine performances and these were undoubtably the highlights of the evening.

    The compere, Dennis Taylor (World Champion Snooker Player), was funny and informative though he did get a couple of selection introductions wrong but Richard Evans sorted that out - whilst it was great to have Dennis doing the narrative it would have been nice to hear something from Richard Evans. His performance as a manic motorbiker in the Horn pipe from Fantastia was a sight to behold as he turned to the audience and used the conductor stand rear railing as a set of handlebars and gunned the imaginary throtle to get the audience to clap faster.

    It was interesting to see a few dep players in the B&R ranks for the contest and a couple of their players were unable to get on the night due to severe traffic problems in Manchester - however as all the music was played massed band so it didn't detract. Spotted a few tMPers on the stage - Ploughboy was helping out in the percussion section and had one really good crash cymbal entry which had the rest of the section in hysterics - bit of an early entry I thought - but played with plenty of gusto;) .

    Overall a really enjoyable evening and all in a good cause - well done Old Silkstone Band for putting this on - hope you make it an annual event.
  8. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Ah yes. Spotted! As you pointed out Fran - it was a beauty! It was a clash Cymbal just as the music dropped to 'P' I was whacking away at 'FF' ooops, Jay had a good chuckle to himself on the kit seat!

    Was a good night, one or two blips! but on the whole superb - with Alan Morrison being the star of the night for me!!

    Hope we helped raise lots of dosh for the worthy cause!

  9. I knew you could sometimes be short for having a band , but hiring ex snooker players , that's just upsetting :)

    I reckon Snooker Loopy for brass band , have a word with Van Bernauts or something. I still have my matchroom mob video. "Cus I wear these gargooles"..
  10. Tracey

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    Rather delayed I know but I'm very pleased to confirm that £25,000 was raised due to this event for Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospital :clap: :clap: :clap:
  11. DannyCollin

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    Tracey, thats absolutely fantastic. Well done to all concerned.

    Btw, good luck for the area.

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  12. ploughboy

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    Excellent, well done to everyone who organised such a great night - the easy bit was turning up and playing the music! What a brialliant sum of money for a good cause!