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    Hi guys, not even sure if this is in the right area but hey ho, guess someone will move it if not ;)

    Basically, i've inherited LOADS of records from my Grandads loft!

    Not sure what to do with them, other than take them to the tip, which i'm loathed to do for sort of sentimental reasons.

    IS someone willing to take the off my hands/recommmend any one i can contact who would like to add to a collection?

    Harry Mortimer's All-Star Brass - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlmen - 1976
    Phillip McCann (With Black Dyke) - Worlds Most Beautiful Melodies - 1985
    Black Dyke - To The Fore - 1972
    The Very Original Brasso Band - Various Tunes - 1971
    Brighouse - various tunes - 1973
    Brighouse - The Floral Dance - 1976
    Cory - Listen to the band no 5 - 1969
    City of Coventry - various - 1975
    CWS Manchester - Champion Brass - 1963
    Scottish CWS - Listen to the band no 2 - 1967
    Excelsior Ropes Works Band - 1969
    Grimethorpe - Hymns You Love - 1968
    Hanwell Band - The Golden Sound - 1968
    Luton Band - Festival Series Vol 1 - 1969
    Watney Silver Band - Festival Band series Vol 2 - 1969
    Wingates - Gilbert & Sullivan - 1968
    Wingates - Various - 1966
    Yorkshire Imps - Sounds Of BRass Series - 1973

    There are also another 10 records which are kind of best of brass type things which feature all the best bands of the day playing 1 or 2 pieces!

    I also have twice as many various Salvation army records, thats not to mention the 100's of other random records also :confused::confused::confused:

    Any offers to take them off my hands or advise as to where to get rid of them would be greatly appreciated, just seems a shame to chuck them away after all these years!

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Some of the records cover photos are absolute CLASSICS!!! ;)
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    Jimbo, bring them to band on Monday I will have the Cory 1969 one off you, charity shops are always grateful for these.
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    We've got a percussionist in our band who is really into old recordings. Why don't you have a word with him