Old Hall Vacancies:Troms, horn and BBb

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    Old Hall need A trombone section. Solo, 2nd and Bass.
    We are also short a 2nd Horn (or a solo) and a BBb Bass

    We are a newly promoted 1st section band with a busy concert programme during the year and especially in the run-up to Christmas. With a brand new (well... slightly worn) MD and a very positive attitude. We don't do walking days but we do do (be do) lots of indoor concerts, have a 'group hug' weekend at Morecambe (Workshop/Masterclass) and a very personable set of people.

    I came about 10 years to 'dep' and I'm still here. If you join us I might even write you a solo (sorry, I'm not trying to put you off.)

    If you are interested, please PM me or ring John (01942 208732 - if you get Chloe please ask for her daddy or mummy) or Paul (07889271291) We'll be happy to see you.

    You can also contact us through the website. Call me stupid, but I forgot about it. It's not my fault, I'm only the webmaster :oops:
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