Old Hall Brass Near Wigan Lancs Players Required

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    Just like ever other band so it seems now that the March madness of the areas is over and done with. This friendly 2nd section band are looking for a trombone section yes that’s right a full section solo 2nd and bass we tried looking in Argos but the seem to be out of stock at the moment LOL also a BBb bass to come and keep me company as I am doing a good job of scaring off any one that comes to play with us LOL no I am not that bad honest it just helps if your deaf and cant hear me We rehearse Monday and Thursday 20.00 to 22.00 in Orrell near Wigan only 5 mins of junction 26 of the M6 we are happy to have anyone come along to rehearsals even if it is just for a blow.

    Further enquirers to

    Colin Doran BBb Bass Dep monkey Old Hall Brass :guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness
    Tel: 07803610650 mob
    01772463411 home
    01512297612 work
    Or email: colin.doran@openreach.co.uk

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