Old Hall Brass First Section Based In Orrell Jnt 26 M6 Requiers Solo Trom

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    Old Hall Brass band,

    Are still looking for a Solo trom to help out over Christmas and after the New Year for the areas in March 2006,

    We are a sociable first section band in a prime location just off the M6 M58 but due to the amount of bands in the Wigan, ST Helens and Haydock area we have always struggled to find Trombones we have had no trombone section for a while and for Fleetwood we had to bring players in we are now looking to Preston contest and the Areas of which we wish to compete but we need a Solo Trom we have hopefully just covered the 2nd Trom seat and we have a bass trom that can do the areas if needed so we really need helping out if there are any trombone players interested in either helping the band out at these contests or joining the band please contact either of the following :

    Colin Doran BBb Bass and part time dep hassler :guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness

    01772 463411
    07803 610650


    John Sudworth Euph band organizer of sorts ;) and dep hassler

    01942 208732