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    Hi Folks,

    I am trying to trace a particular old echo cornet which has a direct link to the Ripon City Band.

    I came across this instrument in the mid 90's when it was borrowed by Peter Andrews then at Ripon College who used it for a recital during his music course.

    The cornet has scrolls etc on the bell and was inscribed. The inscription read something like this: Presented to Sergt. Beckwith in recognition of his many years service as conductor? of the Ripon City Band and was i think dated sometime in the 1880's or 90's. It was in a wooden box with a loose lid. I took some photos of the cornet and the inscription but unfortunately they cannot be located now.

    There is a long history of the `Beckwiths' playing with the Ripon band some of which are reportedly to have moved on and played with some of the top bands of the time. Whether these are all decendants of the same family we don't know

    It would be nice if I could locate this bit of band history and have a chat with it's present owner to see if something can be done to get it returned to the band so that it can be displayed for all to see. I do appreciate that the cornet may well have a sentimental value to whoever owns it now and i would of course respect their wishes if they did not want to let it go.

    Any bits of information however small would be greatly received.

    Many thanks,

    Peter G