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    Hi all,
    Anyone remember a Cornet tutor that featured the wisdom of Harry Mort and I think Jack Mackintosh ?. I remember it had some good sections of difficult finguring passages. It also had some extracts from test pieces, one of which was the tricky finguring bit from Tintagel. Also remember a bit regarding lip flexibilites and avoiding a Charley Horse sound. I thought it was Wright and Rounds complete method, but when I got this over th
    e tinternet it is not the right book.

    Want to get this for nostalgia sake and also would be interested if anyone knows of a good regime for improving finguring. Our conductor is bringing out some quite ambitious pieces and I find my finguring is woefully out of shape at the moment. The arban is OK, but maybe need something more intensive for finguring in the same style as the lip flexibilites books.

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    Just use the Arban, but use alternative fingering ;)
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    Sorry, I can't help with the book you are looking for.

    Fingering Improvement books that are good apart from the bible (Arban), are:

    Herbert L Clarke's Technical Studies - mainly major and chromatic based patterns

    Allen Vizzutti's Trumpet Method; Book I:
    Technical Studies - very similar to Clarke's but also exploring Diminished and Whole-Tone Scale patterns
    Finger Flexibilities - very tough patterns which get the brain going as much as the fingers (especially good if you play one or two a day)

    Allen Vizzutti's Trumpet Method; Book II:
    This book is made up of scale and arpeggio exercises and helps you to learn scales and a wide mix of scale patterns

    My personal favourite is the Finger Flexibilities section of Vizzutti's Method (Book I).

    Hope this helps

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