Old Cornet Solos - can anyone help find them.....?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ChrisHelme, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. ChrisHelme

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    Hello Everyone

    I am currently involved in researching and locating cornet solos that are no longer played for a new CD that is being recorded later this year. Whilst my search is going well sourcing old solos from around the world - there are three in particular that are causing a problem which we want to look at for consideration. So if you can help I would appreciate a call.

    The first one is called 'Trixie' and was written by Harold Moss
    The second is called 'Estelle' and was written by J.A.Greenwood
    The third is called 'Merry Go Round' and was written by William Rimmer

    If you can help please send me a PM.


    Chris Helme
  2. KMJ Recordings

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    Drop a PM to Richard Cookson - he's up at Besses and at least one of those rings a bell from when I computerised the library lists a good number of years ago.
  3. MaxPressure

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    There is a book called 'the soloists companion' i think it is an old wright and round book, and I think published by 'R. Smith & Co.'
    I am 99% certain that 'Merry go Round' is in there.
    Although this only had the solo parts, it was in the origional print. (solo part was also short score ;) )
    So although they might not print it anymore :( , you might be able to get permission to have someone rescore it for the recording. ;) :wink: :D

    Just a thought......
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  4. MaxPressure

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  5. DaveR

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    If my database is correct, all of these are still available from Wright and Round.
  6. MaxPressure

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    :tongue: beat ya!!!!
  7. ChrisHelme

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    Hello Max
    Thank you for the information - you are right about the soloist companion of course - I have the solo part from a band set - and if a band set does not turn up then an enquiry about the necessary permission will be sought - the soloist on this new CD will easily re-score it for band if necessary.
    Trixie is at Wright and Round (I have the band solo part) but not the other two (I have both band solo parts)

    Thanks Keith I will enquire up at Besses as you suggest.

  8. ChrisHelme

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    Whoops, sorry Max - Estelle and Merry Go Round are at Wright and Round, my spelling in the search box was not as it should have been so they do have all three - thanks

  9. euph__onium

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    I think I've got a copy of "Merry go Round" if you're still looking for it?

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