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    On the 10 September Killamarsh (formed in 1887, Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee Year)were playing in Queen's Park, Chesterfield (opened in 1897 for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee) and I was approached by an OAP who had turned up to listen to the band. She had'n't known it was going to be Killamarsh but she apparently had some old photographs of the band which she was happy to let us have.

    She agreed to post them on and they arrived last week - I had previously seen copies of this photo on the IBEW web site http://www.harrogateband.org/indexlk6.htm which is referenced as St Giles Church Band, Killamarsh but we now have the original which doesn't have the edges chopped off.

    OK so if you are with it so far, band formed in 1887, park opened 1897 both linked by Queen Victoria, then random visit to park coincides with a band that OAP has pictures of.

    The picture was taken in 1890 just after the band was formed and the EEb tuba player on the front row was the OAP's maternal grandfather - which is nice. I then showed the letter to my mother who noticed that the ladies married name was the same as my grandmother's maiden name. It turns's out she was married to the son of my grandmother's brother...

    ...and of course I play EEb at Killamarsh and have done for the last 26 years. Does this mean I might be related to Queen Victoria?
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    You lost me somewhere in here dude. :)

    Seriously though a nice heartwarming story.