Ok folks, the moment you've all been waiting for - results of the tMP Composers Comp

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    [IMGLEFT]http://www.themouthpiece.com/images/tmpnews.gif[/IMGLEFT] Ok folks - here's the moment you've all been waiting for - the results of the tMP Composers Competition.

    But, in true tMP style, we want to keep you in suspense for a little longer! Before we announce the winners, we have to get a few "thank you's" out of the way first!

    A huge thank you to:

    1. everyone who entered our competition - it's a cliché - but without these entries there simply would not have been a competition at all. We were staggered by the range of talent we have in our midst - and the scores who did not make the 'cut' were all of a super standard - cheers everyone.

    2. all our members who took the time to download the plug-in and listen to all the pieces - we know how much time it took to come to a decision 'cos we've had to go through the process ourselves!

    3. Philip Sparke - well, what can I say? Philip - you are a star and always available for advice and help - no least when you agreed to be the judge and to select the finalists for this competition. We are extremely grateful for your hard work and advice on this matter.

    4. Roger - another star for us on tMP. Roger had the painstaking task of collecting, preserving the anonymity of all the scores and he was responsible for the unenviable task of transcribing each of the shortlisted scores - on behalf of the whole team and all our members - thanks a million mate!

    Right, now we have the formalities out of the way - it's time for the results! The leader had been changing hands quite regularly throughout the month, with any one of the top 3 being in with a real chance of taking the prestige of being the composer of the 'Official tMP Signature March'.

    So, without further ado, the results are:

    In third place, with 30 votes (26.55%) is: Score A by Andrea Crossley (Shedophone)

    In second place, with 34 votes (30.09%) is: Score C by Dan Price (Dannyboy)

    And so, on to the winner!

    With 37 votes (32.74%), the winning score, and composer of what will now be the official tMP March is:

    Score D by Darrol Barry (Flashbarry) - huge congratulations to you Darrol!!

    Further details on how you can all purchase a copy of the winning march will be posted soon, so for now, here's another chance for you to hear the winning march:

    by Darrol Barry
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  2. iggmeister

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    Well done Darrol. I thought it was a great march the first time I heard it (although it is difficult to make anything on sibelius sound anything like a real band) and you had my vote.

    However, all the finalists were very good and I'm not surprised that the voting was so close. Well done to all the entrants, especially the finalists.

    Will be interesting to hear when it is recorded for a CD!

  3. super_sop

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    of course if you wanted to hear or play The MouthPiece premier performance, you could always put your names down for the TMP concert in Hadleigh on April 9th;)

    EDIT: well done on composing a cracking march Darrol, and well done to every body who enetered:metal: :metal:
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  4. bassinthebathroom

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    Congratulations to Dan and Andrea who are both students at Salford. I have to say that (if I remember rightly) I voted for Dan's score (C) - it just had something that caught my ear, but well done to Darrol though, and well done again to the final 5.
  5. Moy

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    Well done Daz our 'Composer in Residence' always knew we had the best.;)
  6. flugelgal

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    Congratulations to everybody who took part, especially to Darrol for winning. :biggrin:
  7. Naomi McFadyen

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    WHEYHEY!!!! Well done DB for winning.... and well done for Andrea for 3rd place!!

  8. DublinBass

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    Congrats Darrol. I look forward to the premiere (and hope you play cornet or tenor horn ;) )!!
  9. stephen_clapton

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    Well done Darrol!!! :guiness I look forward to playing it soon :D
  10. IckleSop

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    Well Done Darrol
  11. ScrapingtheBottom

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    When can we buy it (presumably after April the 9th)? And who's publishing it (presumably Roger)? How much will it cost?
  12. dyl

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    Chris - from the first post in this thread:

    ......and from the original announcement for the competition a while ago:

    As soon as we've settled on a release date and price, we will post them.
  13. ScrapingtheBottom

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    just chivvying.
  14. Dave Payn

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  16. mikelyons

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    Superbly well done to the winner and the two runners-up. Superb effort all.

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :terrier :bounce :woo :bounce :terrier :biggrin: :biggrin: ​
  17. Heather

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    Congratulations Darrol!!!
    Well done.
    How did Rach manage to vote for you that many times??? LOL

    Well done to 2nd and 3rd too.
  18. Brassb3ll3nd

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    Well done to em all, the closeness of the votes shows how good the competition was.

    I look forward to hearing the winning entry played bya fine band.
  19. PeterBale

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    You'd better try and get along to The tMP Hadleigh concert then :shock: ;) :D
  20. Simon_Horn

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    As disucssed last night, how do I apply to play in the band for the premier on horn. It would be good to catch up with Darrol again...