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    near Dublin
    March 13-14 is the Ohio Brass Arts Festival (http://www.ohiobrassbands.com/info.htm)

    Cincinnati Brass Band's website is http://home.fuse.net/clymer/cbb/
    Cincinnati Honors Band's website is http://www.kingsmusicassociation.org/brassband.html

    Cuyahoga Valley Brass Band has split into two bands (primarily 1 BBWR and 2 Freedom Brass Band both of which are already on your site)

    Chapel Brass is a newer band...their webpage is...http://www.ohiobrassbands.com/ChapelBrass.htm

    Ohio Brass Band's webpage is...http://www.ohiobrassbands.com/OhioBB.htm

    Ohio State University Marching Band's website is...http://tbdbitl.osu.edu/

    I hope that helps you with things on our side of the pond ;-)
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