Oh dear...the shame of it...guards band kicked out of Oz

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Hornblower RN, May 15, 2007.

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    As with many of these stories, they don't seem to have quite got things right. I understand that, although they were kicked out of the hotel for one night, they returned there the next day; also as far as I know the instruments and unifroms were recovered after a substantial payment was made by the Household Division authorities.

    At least we now know how jasonp found the time to post over the past few days ;)
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    They certainly haven't got their facts right :mad: It was the organisers of the "show" who didn't pay the hotel or the freight company. The Grens were shut out of their hotel rooms for about 6 hours but it was during the day & not for the night.

    So impressed with the speed of the report appearing in The Sun. They only arrived back from Oz last Tuesday :-?
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    Oh, & just one other thing.

    They were NOT kicked out!!!!! :mad:
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    an after thought
    many travelled great distances across oz to see these Bands only to be turned away at the Gate, It made the News here in oz, not a good impression of the organisers
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    Who were from where? Australia!! Nothing to do with the Grens as implied by the article in The Sun. This was just some of the press coverage in Oz.


    The thing that is annoying me the most about this thread is the title. There is no shame involved whatsoever.
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    Indeed no shame at all for the Grenadiers. But then why let the truth get in the way of some sensationalist journalism!!!
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    Don't you just love The Sun?!!
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    I thought the report was in the Sun not on 4barsrest.is Iwan Fox working for the Sun now....his reporting style will fit in just right
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    I can't see any mention of 4BarsRest anywhere in this thread except in your post Martin, so I've no idea how you managed to shoehorn their name in here.

    If you have something to say about the way 4BarsRest write their reports then do so in a seperate thread. To use a thread on an entirely different subject - which hasn't even been covered by 4BarsRest - is not very fair or particularly clever.
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    ...which is of course, completely out of character for the sun isn't it. Accurate to a fault usually! ;)
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    From speaking to someone close to the event

    My understanding is that the promoter went bust...stranding the band who then had to pay all their own room bills, and 30k was payed to recover the impounded instruments etc.

    the guys who all have families and mortgages etc have little or no hope of recovering the monies they have had to pay out.
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    I understand he's actually been charged with fraud.
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    If you read the highlighted words in the quote. It was meant as a sarcastic joke so get off your high horse and find a sense of humour for once:mad:
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    Speaking as someone who lives with a member of the band, they didn't have to pay for their rooms or food. The British Consulate stepped in & made sure that nobody went hungry & everyone had a roof over their heads. :clap:
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    Thanks for those comments Martin. Duly noted and they will be remembered in future. :rolleyes:
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    What a shame this has happened, I'm sure this will put a nail in the coffin for further commercial tours abroad by service bands. This will lower the profile of live music even more and don't forget there are a lot of brass banders in the service bands. It's a shame that this has been used to knock the Grens Band especially as the Rifles were there with them. Still it will give the MOD more opportunities to deploy the bands on military duties no doubt. Maybe the 'Green Line' in Cyprus. Why not send a few senior officers to do that, there seems to be enough of them.
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    I'm glad the guys and girls didnt have to pay their bills, although that was the info I reiceved from my source.

    Also with regard to the green line I understand that the scots guards band are about to spend 3 months guarding a barracks in cyprus

    and that their director of Music has tendered his resignation over this and other issues in the army corps of music including the drop in standard of players they are recruiting.
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    Its not just the Scots Guards. I believe 3 bands are being deployed and at least one other in training to do the same!

    By doing this its creating additional workloads for those bands still in the UK.