Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel. New brass band arrangement. Rock ballad 6/8 feel.

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  1. x9ret

    x9ret Member

    Brass Band arrangement of the traditional Advent carol "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel" in a rock ballad style. This arrangement can be played by bands of youth or lower section standard upwards.

    Purchase PDF full score and parts for instant download here.

    It begins with a solid rock ballad 6/8 beat, which accompanies some nice yet mysterious chords. The first verse's melody is taken by the cornets and euphoniums. The trombones take the second verse. After the full sounding second verse chorus, the third verse contrasts completely. It's much quieter with just the middle band led by the melody on flugel. Finally the cornets emerge with bell-like sounds to bring in the final majestic verse and repeated chorus. It ends with a return to the mysterious chords from the first intro. The arrangement aims to provide a rock ballad feel yet never letting go of the mystery...

    Listen to music software play it on youtube or soundcloud.
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  2. x9ret

    x9ret Member

    All my other arrangements can be found through those links too.

    Finally, if you have any suggestions of public domain works for me to arrange in future at this level, PM me.
  3. DS2014

    DS2014 Active Member

    Very nice arrangement; being greedy now...it'd be great to hear a band play it rather than the computer synth.
  4. x9ret

    x9ret Member

    Many thanks DS2014. Hopefully bands will enjoy playing it.
  5. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Links now out of date.
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