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    Hi all,
    Having played this last year with Brighouse and Old Silkstone i've been trying to find a copy for Emley to play - I've tried one or two website's and shops but no-one's been able to point me in the right direction.

    I know this is the place to come for help like this! Anyone point me in the right direction, Many Thanks in advance!!

  2. DaveR

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    I think there is an arrangement by Keith Wilkinson, but I can't remember who publishes it (for some reason this one isn't in my database!). I can try to email him and find out if you like??
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    I could well be wrong on this, but I'm sure there's a Roy Newsome version...

    Edit: Roy's done a "Highlights of Carmina Burana"....dunno it's full constituency though....might just have bits of what you want....
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    Ploughboy says yes please! *he's a bit desperate*
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    Sellers included a version by Klaas van der Woude on their "Somewhere in time" cd.