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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Di

    Di Active Member


    Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th March, 2007
    St. Georges Hall, Bradford

    With grateful thanks to Peggy Tomlinson
    For further details (including grading tables) please see:

    Section : Championship
    Sunday 4th March
    Test Piece : Isaiah 40 (Robert Redhead)
    Adjudicators : Nigel Boddice & Geoffrey Whitham
    Draw : 4:00
    Play Commences : 5:30

    Participating Bands :

    1. Black Dyke : Dr. Nicholas J. Childs
    2. Brighouse & Rastrick : Alan Morrison
    3. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery : Russell Gray
    4. Drighlington : Kevin Belcher
    5. Grimethorpe Colliery : Alan Withington
    6. Hepworth Lanson Homes : Mark Bentham
    7. Marsden Silver (Riverhead Brewery) : Glyn Williams
    8. Old Silkstone : Alan Exley
    9. Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery : Graham O'Connor
    10. Rothwell Temperance : David Roberts
    11. Sellers International : Phillip McCann
    12. YBS : Allan Ramsay
    13. Yorkshire Imps David Urquhart Travel : Ray Farr

    Section : First
    Date : Saturday 3rd March
    Test Piece : Sinfonietta for Brass Band, ‘The Wayfarer’ (Eric Ball)
    Adjudicators : C. Brian Buckley & Richard Evans
    Draw : 12:45
    Play Commences : 2:30 approx

    Participating Bands :

    1. Barnsley Building Society : Kevin Wadsworth
    2. Grange Moor : WITHDRAWN
    3. Hade Edge (J & E Dickinson) : Simon Wood
    4. Hebden Bridge : Norman Law
    5. Innovate Skelmanthorpe : John Roberts
    6. Knottingley Silver : Robin Morgan
    7. Lindley : Neil Jowett
    8. Pennine Brass : Ian Porthouse
    9. South Yorkshire Police : Andrew Dennis
    10. Stannington : Derek Renshaw
    11. Stocksbridge : David Nesbitt
    12. United Co-op Yorkshire : William Rushworth
    13. YBS Concert Brass : Michael Hannan

    Section : Second
    Date : Sunday 4th March
    Test Piece : Carnival (Helen Perkin)
    Adjudicators : C. Brian Buckley & David Horsfield
    Draw : 12:00
    Play Commences : 1:45 approx

    Participating Bands :

    1. Chapeltown : Toby Bannan
    2. Dinnington Colliery : Kenneth Vernon
    3. Frickley/South Elmsall : David Nichols
    4. Horbury Victoria : Bob Walker
    5. Kippax : Keith Wardle
    6. Meltham & Meltham Mills : Stuart Fawcett
    7. Slaithwaite : Barry Hudson
    8. Strata : David Hirst
    9. Wakefield Metropolitan : Russell Gray
    10. West Yorkshire Police : Capt. Gary Clegg
    11. Wetherby & District Silver : Glyn Kearsley

    Section : Third
    Date : Saturday 3rd March
    Test Piece : Prelude & Jubilate (Darrol Barry)
    Adjudicators : Malcolm Brownbill & Peter Roberts
    Draw : 9:45
    Play Commences : 10:45

    Participating Bands :

    1. Armthorpe Elmfield : Haydn Griffiths M.B.E.
    2. Clifton & Lightcliffe : John Clay
    3. Dodworth Colliery M.W. : Eliot J Darwin
    4. Elland Silver : Philip Shaw
    5. Emley Brass : Garry Hallas
    6. Garforth Brass : Steven Bailey
    7. Gawthorpe Brass : Stephen Bradnum
    8. Gawthorpe Brass '85' : John Edward
    9. Huddersfield & Ripponden : Steven Platten
    10. Maltby Miners Welfare : Terry Clifford
    11. Rockingham : Frank Hoyland

    Section Fourth
    Date : Sunday 4th March
    Test Piece : The Seasons, Suite for Brass Band (Philip Wilby)
    Adjudicators : David Read & Steve Pritchard-Jones
    Draw : 8:30
    Play Commences : 9.30

    Participating Bands :

    1. Barnsley Metropolitan : John Grinnell
    2. Crofton Silver : Malcolm Simpson M.B.E.
    3. Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge) : Carol Caton
    4. Haworth : Fiona Bishop
    5. Innovate Skelmanthorpe 'B' : Philip Garlick
    6. Linthwaite : Jim Hunter
    7. Lofthouse 2000 : Andrew Whitaker
    8. Markham Main Colliery : Michael Milner
    9. Oughtibridge : Roland Spencer
    10. Thurcroft Welfare : Andrew White
    11. Tingley Brass : Geoffrey Fowler
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  2. Valvecap

    Valvecap Member

    Hook Goole, East Yorkshire
    Come on Frickley!!!!!!

    Good look to all the bands going to this years areas - nice to see such a healthy compliment of bands attending! Esp good luck to all those in the second section - looking forward to putting a few names to faces after the contest.
  3. madandcrazytromboneguy

    madandcrazytromboneguy Member

    What do you think the attendances will be like in the audience this year?

    In years gone by they have been dissapointing especially for the lower section bands, theres a few reasons for this:

    ticket prices
    selection of pieces
    quality of bands

    thats just 3 of them, I'd say that the fact that the players have to pay full price is pretty disgusting considering we are the people providing the entertainment, surely there could be a special price for the players and MD's, I know they have to make money at these jobs but its a scam really that the people providing the entertainment have to pay full price to hear everyone else.

    selection of pieces I can't comment on as I havn't heard any of the others besides prelude and jubilate, which i'll be honest isn't massivly enspiring for me, some nice bits in it but overall Iv'e heard better 3rd section pieces in the past, What does everyone think of the pieces?, are they good enough or nice enough pieces to attract the big supporting audiences for the bands who have worked so hard in january and february?

    quality of bands isn't usually an issue in the yorkshire area, the champ has some of the best bands in the uk, in recent years the 1st section has much improved, the 2nd section seem to have struggled a little bit on recent pieces, the 3rd section has slowly improved but again the pieces in recent years have proved to be strong tests for them, and in the 4th section there have been some very promising bands coming through, including some who have gone right up the sections, and a couple who look as if they could be capable of doing the same, I think the 4th section could be very closely contested this year though, I dont think theres any band who sticks out this year.

    Looking forward to having a go with the prediction this year, hope you guys are doing OK with getting it up and running, couldn't we do an unofficial 1 where we can predict the top 6 insted of the top 3 just while we wait for the official 1?

    Good luck to everyone competing, although I'm hoping that it won't be down to luck that gives the band the win, it should be down to who performs the best on the day!
  4. richardcowens

    richardcowens Member

    hebden bridge
    good luck to all bands for next weekend and have a good hard week of practicing!!!! what a line up the 1st section is!! its like a finals with all them shud be champ bands! saying that it is yorkshire :biggrin: cya all in the bar sat, and maybe sunday if ive recoverd!
  5. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    I'm really looking forward to it, 1st section is going to be great, anyone could win! Though saying that if all bands play to form I think Pennine will be the band to beat. Good luck all.


    Watch out for Skelmanthorpe - a band full of confidence at the moment, and a nice bunch of folk to boot! Think they will be up there or roundabouts when the results are read out...
  7. barrytone

    barrytone Member

    I thought that if you competed on Saturday, you could stay and listen to the other section as a bandsman for free and that you got a reduced fee for the contest on following day? Sure this was announced last year, unless things have changed this year?

    Played the testpieces for fourth, third and first sections and can honestly say that I think they're some of the best pieces chosen in recent years. Phil Wilby's piece The Seasons is a wonderful piece to rehearse and should provide a good test for the fourth section bands. Third section, Prelude and Jubilate, again fun to rehearse but has some technical parts that wil challenge the bands competing. First section, Eric Ball, Sinfonetta - The Wayfarer, wonderful music, so much fun to rehearse. Has it's technical aspects but it should really test the musicality of the bands involved. Some wonderful solo passages, think every soloist in the band gets the opportunity to shine, lovely sectional work too, trombone trio's, horn and baritone in unison, euph with sop etc. great! Will be tight, very good quality bands in first section as there should be. Any band could win in my opinion. Good luck to all competing bands in all sections
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

  9. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    West Yorkshire

    That's not right clive - You're bandsmans ticket gets you into the lower sections on the day, 3/1, 4/2 and then you get discount on the top section tickets. it's a good effort on behalf of yorkshire, when many national comps are charging the entertainers to watch!!
  10. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

  11. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    1st section is well tough!
  12. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    Looks like a very good weekend in store, particularly in the top two sections.

    First section looks very strong indeed and the top section has so many good bands...listeners in for a treat I suspect.
  13. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    Sheffield, UK
    Too right, in some ways I'm glad I'm not competing this year. Of the 12 bands competing, there is the current Pontins Champions (Champ Section), the Butlins First Section 1st and 3rd and Pontins 1st Section 2nd and 4th. 6 have competed in the champ section within the last 2 years, whilst 2 more were in the top 4 of the 1st section in Bradford last year. 9 are in the 4br top 200 and 4 within the top 100.

    I think this is potentially the closest section for a long time. It is definitely the one to watch at the weekend (pity I'm not there), picking a winner will be a very difficult task. Best of luck to you all, in particular Stannington :clap:
  14. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    Doncaster, South Yorks
    Wow, where have the last 12 months gone???
  15. daisygemma

    daisygemma Member

    Bidford on Avon
    Would just like to wish The Emley the best of luck for Saturday. Will have everything crossed for you!!

  16. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    Last few years you definately get to watch the other section on your day for free and get a discount on championship section (in fact, last year I lost my bandsman's ticket and still got the discount, it was pretty obvious I was a bandsman tho!).

    And attendance is pretty good relatively speaking, and top section can get very crowded.
  17. MarkGillatt

    MarkGillatt Member

    South Elmsall
    Attendance in the Vic last year was up on the year before too I noticed. :clap:

    This year should be a cracking beer fest oops brass fest. :guiness Good luck to all competing bands especially in the 2nd section.
    There will be a ceremonial burning of the shed part to Carnival in the Vic after the contest, followed by the annual bash the soprano player for intonation problems arguement. :hammer
    My personal favourite is the hour long whine about how (it seemed) you were the only one playing in a certain passage when in rehearsel there were 4 of you.:eek:
  18. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    Cheers Timbo, and the same to your band of merry men (and women!)

    Certainly looks like it will be a really good competition in the 1st section this year by all accounts. Should be a great day - although I will be glad when Saturday 6pm(ish) comes around and i can stock up on some well earned Bass fuel.................. :guiness
  19. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    see ya in the bar after don :]
  20. winterman

    winterman Member

    West Yorkshire
    4Bars have very discreetly posted their Yorkshire Regional previews into their articles section..

    You can find them linked to at the bottom of the home page or on the main articles page..
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