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  1. Jamie

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    I don't want to appear to align myself with either side of this 'debate', but fear its getting a bit heated, especially now that that nothing can be done about the results.

    I agree with Mr Tuba to the extent that it does seem a little unfair to lodge such an attack on one particular poster, but in all fairness, his (Chris's) comments weren't the most complimentary, basically saying that if rubbish playing was what earned points then the correct decision was made. When posting something such as this, you can only expect those involved to defend themselves.

    Having said that, to suggest that his opinion was less valid than another because of the section his own band plays in, was also, in my opinion, slightly unnecessary. We all pass comment on performances, and the vast majority of us are not professional adjudicators. We don't claim to know better than the adjudicators, but we are entitled to disagree with their comments. That right extends to everyone, regardless of personal circumstance, playing ability or section.

    Forgive me if I've misread any of your comments, that was obviously not my intention. I simply wanted to highlight how both sides have valid points, and that perhaps its not necessary to descend to this. Just my humble opinion, however.

    In addition to this, I think its a shame that Cornwall has been pictured as a county full of ego-centrics, because of recent success in this contest, and because of other threads expressing the pride of people involved in banding in Cornwall at such achievements. Nobody has proposed that Cornwall is the centre of the brass band movement. Perhaps they have been blowing their own trumpets. Perhaps, sometimes, people should be allowed to, and to enjoy their success, and share their pride in it.

    If the championship section result was down to dodgy adjudication then so be it, there's little we can do to alter it now. I've already expressed my surprise that Polysteel didn't qualify, but am not going to berate the performances of the other bands to justify it. It was a decision made by two people deemed professionals, and while we can disagree with it til we're blue in the face, it stands.

    After the uproar at last year's contest, this thread has been mostly complimentary, and sporting, which was a pleasant change. Please lets not ruin it now by tearing into eachother so long after the event. The south west as a whole is a strong region for banding... surely that's something to celebrate, not argue over?
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    jamie, i've never been called "Mr" before, thank you - plenty of other names but not Mr.

    Although it got a little out of hand (as a thread) you may want to read this entertaining shout (- oh you've been there I see)

    Ahh what a hobby, lifestyle we have
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    RT you must desist from your rampant "janner-baiting":), as the person who started the "other thread" about the relative success of Cornish Banding, I or no-one else has suggested that Cornwall is now at the centre of the banding universe although I did say it is certainly at the epicentre of WoE banding.
    As a player in a Devon band who routinely has to suffer a cornish band ruining our contest days because they beat us, I have no urge to "bull" up the efforts of Cornish Bands for the sake of it, to me it is case of recognising that some Cornish bands seem to have a recipe for success and perhaps learning from it.
    And looking at the relative efforts of the Wessex and Glos association bands in comparison to the SWBBA bands the need to learn is perhaps more urgent than you think!
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    There it goes - the last bit of fun I had in life, brushed aside and sent packing :(

    :rolleyes: :wink:
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    Does the WofE now have a website?
  6. ChrisL

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  7. Kiz7

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    sorry, but this appears to be a SOUTH WEST BRASS BAND ASSOCIATION website, just like the Gloucesterhsire Brass Band Association website. I understood that there was to be a West of England regional website - the link you provided is not for a website relating to that. Is there a WEST OF ENGLAND website or did I misunderstand?

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