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  1. bignige

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    I think this sums up the position and changes can only really be effected by lobbying at association meetings. It would need quite a radical campaign though if this was to be taken on.

    At Verwood we had to get two wins at the Areas to achieve promotion from the fourth section in 2006 due to earlier years placings so I think that I know how Brunel must feel. Bream also had to be consistent over many years to get their promotion.

    Banding is not all about contesting - good concerts that your audience appreciate are far more rewarding in my opinion.

    Good luck to all WoE bands at Harrogate and London.
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    An extremely knowledgeable poster on here was kind enough to send me a copy of Imps playing it in 1971, the year they won the Open on it.

    Well... firstly, it wasn't at all together and often it was quite out of tune. Secondly, the amount of vib and rubato used was unbelievable.
    But David Horsfield wanted it dead straight, no rubato at all - possibly a reaction to the excesses on display in that recording? As an approach, no rubato at all killed the 2nd movement stone dead for me.

    If that performance had been offered in Stevenage on Sunday, it would have come last by 10 or 20 points! I hope... ;)

    I'm glad you "enjoyed" the stats geekery. In my defence, Pat Herak started it... ;)
  3. JR

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    i've just listened to GUS playing Energy in 1971 and Dyke playing Connotations in 1977. What's wrong with them?

    John R
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    Nothing wrong at all - just a different sound to bands now. Listen to Trombones in particular who produce a much more mellow and broader sound these days (mainly down to instruments) and vibrato was more widely used back then, as a result the best bands now produce a more orchestral sound than they ever did. There is a different approach to note lengths too.

    I personally used a 60s recording of Festival Music for reference - so not wrong, just different.
  5. JR

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    Yes, but you said they have come on "leaps and bounds" - implying an substantial improvement in quality not just a difference in sound.

    Regarding the troms - they may not sound to everyone's taste but they couldnt half triple tongue! - listen to Dyke's James Cook!

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    To quickly jump on a hobby horse - not everyone prefers the sound of the modern trombone in all circumstances. We used smaller instruments, including a G/D on bass, at the area on Sunday, and while the adjudicator gave the band performance fairly short shrift, he and audience members alike gave unanimously positive feedback on the suitability of the more focussed trombone sound that resulted.

    Not something you'd try with a Wilby piece, but perfect for Mr Ball...

    <dismounts hobby horse>
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    Can anyone tell me what the last messages have to do with the West of England Regional Championships. Guys (Davids) why don't you start another thread about the progression of bands and the change of the brass band sound over the past two decades!
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    Is there anything left to discuss??
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    Did the adjudicator actually make a comment like this? If so that's impressive.
    I will add that although our band got dismal results, the trombone section was noted as being "excellent". We were playing large bore modern instruments, so I think the important point is having a consistent sound as a section. But kudos for trying something different Dave.
  10. MoominDave

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    No, I'm being slightly disingenuous, I admit. He wrote some complimentary stuff on the trombones without being that specific.
    Specific feedback from those in the audience was however very enthusiastic, citing how the section sound stood out from the band sound even at lower dynamics.
  11. Burn_The_Test Piece

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    4th Section

    Attention all 4th Section bands. The adjudicators are particularly strict this year. Splits and mis-pitching will not be tolerated. Remember Order 66.

  12. WagTheStick

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    "He wrote some complimentary stuff on the trombones without being that specific."

    "I will add that although our band got dismal results, the trombone section was noted as being "excellent".

    Close this thread! - if the adjudicators are complementing trombone players, there is no longer any doubt in my mind that they are deaf :tongue:
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    How many bands are put off competing in the wessex contest because of the local grading system?
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    Gotta jump into this thread - it's a good 'un.

    Adjudicators - love 'em or not - have been hired to do a job. We don't always get the results we want or think we deserve, and sometimes we do (get what we deserve!!!). But the whole thing really depends on that person/s in the box - if he or she had a good nights sleep - or if his bacon was a little overcooked - or if his cup of tea was or wasn't right - or, or, or.

    What my band did this year was to get together with a couple of others and hire an adjudicator for a few hours. All three bands then played through their programme for the nationals and got a fair sort of an idea of how each band would fare. Ok, this person may well have been looking for different things to what the adjudicators at the actual competition were looking for but it gave a fair indication and we'll do it again.

    And to Sharpy, the MD of Gosport Silver Band (my Dad's band) GO GOSPORT :clap:


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    Well my friends from the West have you seen the comments from Mr peter Roberts about the 3rd section at Torquay? Nice new thread started on the North/South divide, do take a peek and add your comments.
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    Did you mean the North/south divide thread? Its in Adjudicators comments. But its quite old now.:)

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