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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    So none of these show negativity towards the judges and were just good humoured responses to the results?

    Originally Posted by jim [​IMG]
    really bemused by Hope & Hardy, I havnt spoken to one person this weekend who has any faith in them. some very odd results in there respective sections.

    Originally Posted by weenie [​IMG]

    I've never been one to moan about a poor result but this one really sticks in the throat and I've no shame in saying to Mr. Hope and Mr. Hardy I hope the next time you come to Torquay it will be on a SAGA holiday!!

    Originally Posted by Sopmaestro [​IMG]
    hmmmmmmm thats another fine mess you've got us into Mr Hardy.Which tin were you referring to that we needed to play off ? Am now home after the wasted trip to Torquay and enjoying a tin of soup which is going down far better than our result today ! :eek:)

    Originally Posted by Bari2 [​IMG]
    I'm still as angry as I was when the results were given out. Hope & Hardy - more like Laurel & Hardy, and the latter pairing could probably have done a better job.

    Not what I would call non-negative posts in respects to adjudicators
  2. dickiesplitz

    dickiesplitz New Member

    Well said Tom.

    Like all of the bands we are passionate about playing the best we can and getting the best results, hence the impassioned cries of woe. However, whilst a number of my fellow 'steelers have expressed their feelings in certain areas I hope that these are seen as what they are, i.e. people wanting to take out their frustration on something (other than the wife, cat, dog etc) and are not seen as being the thoughts of the Band itself.

    I have been in this game for too long to get worked up by particular results. In the end you win some and you lose some. We have a great band and this should just spur us on to do bettger next time.

    Let's support all of our fellow bands in their quest for National success, not waste time moaning...

    Nuff said.

    And yes Moomin, it is I.
  3. Bari2

    Bari2 New Member

    Originally Posted by Bari2 [​IMG]
    I'm still as angry as I was when the results were given out. Hope & Hardy - more like Laurel & Hardy, and the latter pairing could probably have done a better job.


    Perhaps you'd also like to quote my later comment where amongst other things I apologised for this remark and said I'd be quite happy if this comment was removed. Still, don't let it stand in the way of a good old session of Polysteel bashing that so many seem intent on.
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  4. davidaus

    davidaus New Member

    Adjudicators will always differ on what they require ... that surely it being a sporting contest.

    One thing that could be improved is the legibility of comments ... although these may be written quickly whilst a perfomance is going on they are only any use to bands if we can read them afterwards!

    This does not apply to all adjudicators as some make the effort not to use joined up handwritting so that comments can be read easily.
  5. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    I find it a little strange that no-one criticised the choice of adjudicators before the weekend!! If you had something against them or were disappointed by the West of England's choice perhaps you should have voiced your opinions!!

    However, I did have a top five in the Championship Section of Polysteel, Woodfalls, Mount Charles, Camborne and St Keverne in that order.

    Re: above comment - I'm glad you weren't adjudicating then!! It seemed the adjudicators quite liked the way we played it so we are very happy with our 4th place. It's all personal opinion after all!

    I thought Verwood were comfortable winners of the 3rd Section - your trombone section was very good - good luck at the finals.
  6. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Apologies for not refering to your later quote.

    However my point was that I do not see how any of these comments are not negative. To be honest I would post the same irrespective of the band, I did not post just because it related to Polysteel.
  7. Lawrencediana

    Lawrencediana Member

    I have nothing but respect for Polysteel as a band but you only need to look at the way your players attacked the 2 adjudicators and the fact there was only one other criticism of Mr Hope and Mr Hardy and that by a disgruntled member of Camborne B band in the second section, you have to wonder from what point of view the criticism is coming from. Banding should be fun for everyone, contests are a strange thing and results are sometimes odd, we just have to get over it and on to the next one.
  8. tuba_wuba_duba

    tuba_wuba_duba New Member

    Very much agreed Dickie and 'Bari2'.

    With reference to a previous comment fro Chunky (sorry, haven't figured out how to quote yet).

    Apologies for not checking so far back in the thread.

    But If you take into account the time of posting I sure you and other posters will surly agree with Dickie's post and take them for what they are. Suggesting a saga holiday, word play on names and general disappointment are by no means equivalent to serious negativity.....I, and I should imagine other actually find some of them inoffensive and quite funny!

    As Dickie puts it, Nuff said. Lets put it to bed, tuck it in, and start worrying about the next contest!!!!!!!

    Cheers Chaps,
  9. Tazzer

    Tazzer New Member

    Originally Posted by tuba_wuba_duba [​IMG]
    As Dickie puts it, Nuff said. Lets put it to bed, tuck it in, and start worrying about the next contest!!!!!!!

    The End!
  10. clairetab

    clairetab New Member

    I've got through 3 pages of this now, and I've suddenly recalled who it was who told Mr Hardy about the 'tin'. None other than Mr Philip Harper, who had been alongside him in the box that day (2nd section national finals last year - I was there).

    Funny old game...
  11. BassBlaster

    BassBlaster Member

    Chris, that explains the bits on my face after we finished, it wasn`t egg, it was yer flapjacks.
    I`m ignoring all the grumpy people with their bad results, we came 8th in the first, after a ok ish performance, I was awesome of course.
    Personally i`m basking in the result of our academy brass who did play well off No1 to come 7th out of 20 in the 4th section. I`m gonna join them i reckon, no more oats in me face, LOL.
  12. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    Yes was a very nice result first year up so we can look forward now to progressing and achieving a top 6 next year, which i think is within our possibilities.
    We received a nice comment from an oceans player saying he had us in 5th or 6th so thats always nice to know someone liked our performance.

    It was also nice to beat a few of the bigger bands first year in the section!

    Commiserations to my dad and polysteel heard the performance and tis unlucky not to have scored however thats contesting aye!

    Good luck all bands in all sections in harrogate and london! I'm sure you'll all do well!

  13. Morghoven

    Morghoven Member can one criticise - or indeed complement - an adjudicator's performance before the contest has taken place?!
  14. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    I didn't mean in this contest - no-one has a crystal ball. I meant if people were unhappy with any previous experiences of results given by Mr Hardy or Mr Hope they should have aired their views on the choice of adjudicators when they were announced. After all, this is not the first contest they have adjudicated is it!!

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  15. grandad

    grandad Member

    Why do principal cornet players who cannot play the Solo, ( and No. 2 can and has to do it) insist on sitting on the end chair? Saw 2 bands in the 1st section where this happened on saturday
  16. He did state it, the adjudicators said it was what they wanted.

    As 4 bars rest orignally put in their preview artical, not all bands were happy with the choice of adjudicators.
    It was 'super sunday'.
    The west of england opted for 2 adjudicators in each section.
    You want the best adjudicators then:

    1. Put up a fight with Peggy Tomilinson of Yorskshire area and have your contest before hers (3rd week of january probably).


    2. Have your contest of the north of england (2nd week of june)

    That way the 'noises' can be made by the committee representation for the WOE and the right men in the box cant be bought who will put the result how it should be.

    As I stated earlier, 'thats life with contesting'.
    Give it up, stop the b****ing and start a thread for predicting next years test piece.
  17. boagy

    boagy Member


    Regarding the comments from some on this thread about no one commenting on the choice of adjudicators for the Championship Section this year. I'm sorry to say that PolySteel and Camborne where the only bands to raise this as a concern at the area committee meeting last year. I only hope that they, the committee, take this on board and carefully consider whom they appoint in future.
    Genuine congratulations to all the bands that qualified over the weekend. Best of luck at Harrogate and RAH later in the year.

    Graham Boag


  18. See comments on previous posts above!
    So without opening up another can of worms, do Camborne and Polysteel have the god given right to decide on the adjudicators because of their own bands profiles and expect the rest of us to bend over backwards and go along with what they say?
    I don't think so!

    Option 3:

    The area of the winning band opens the regionals for the following year and gets first pick of the adjudicators.

    All other regionals take place on the same weekend/s with the remaing nominated adjudicators placed into a hat and randomly drawn to each section and each area.
    Think about it, James Scott and David Read adjudicating the WOE 4th Section?!?!?
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  19. WagTheStick

    WagTheStick Member

    Just a thought but......

    Adjudication is subjective - as is conducting, interpretation etc. If you really want to see just how subjective it can be look back at the Masters results when there were 3 separate adjudicators - and as a result some disputable (but fair) results. I always say to my bands before a contest "lets put in a winning performance - but even if we do we may not get a winning adjudication". Thats banding - Regent Brass used to have a coat of arms with a latin motto which translated as "If you can't take a joke don't go to the contest"

    In the West of England there are usually 4 or 5 very evenly matched bands at the top of the section - all of whom are capable of putting in a flawless performance - after that its down to the personal taste of the poor men in the box (difficult underpaid job where you can never please everyone - even if you do a good job), hence the record which shows that the title has not been retained for so long.

    Also the adjudicators are amongst a few people who hear every band - how do we really know that band we missed weren't out of this world. The reaction of the audience should never be taken as judgement unless we are to encorporate a clapometer system - any band could then employ a coachload of 'screamers' and book a place at the finals.

    As a PS - I only heard Cambourne and Polysteel who both played well but not flawless. I thought it would take a good band to beat Polysteel but both Mount Charles and SWT are good bands (I didn't hear them so can't comment). We played 'OK but scrappy' and got an OK result with remarks to match so can't complain.

    Well done to SWT (who should have qualified last year IMHO). :clap:
  20. Originally Posted by Thirteen Ball [​IMG]
    I seem to recall for the british open a few years back (2004?) that three adjudicators in three separate boxes gave their own remarks, and the scores were combined.
    The Masters did (does?) this having consulted the bands on their favoured system; I seem to recall there have been some controversies where fancied bands have been deprived of a win because one of the three placed them significantly lower than the others, thus proving that there is in fact no system that will please anyone except the winning band

    The above was taken from another area threads and should bring this deabate to a close.
    It does not matter how many people you have adjudicating, it does not matter if they are seperate boxes, tents or buildings.
    It will be their opinion and their opinion only and the only result that will matter no matter how good or bad a band plays is the result for the winning band.

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