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    Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March, 2007
    Riviera International Conference Centre, Torquay

    With grateful thanks to Brian Elliott

    Section : Championship
    Date : Sunday 11th March
    Test Piece : Isaiah 40 (Robert Redhead)
    Venue : The Forum
    Adjudicators : David Hirst & Barry Thompson
    Play Commences : 3pm (not before) – Comfort Break (if required) after band number 6
    Contest Controller : Brian Eggleton

    Participating Bands:

    1. Aldbourne : Melvin White
    2. Bournemouth Concert Brass : Nigel Taken
    3. Camborne : Frank Renton
    4. Lydbrook : David Williams
    5. Mount Charles : Andrew Duncan
    6. PolySteel : Philip Harper
    7. Poole Borough : Phil Randell
    8. Sherborne Town : Paul Cosh
    9. St Austell Town : David Loukes
    10. SWT Woodfalls : Dr Nicholas Childs
    11. Yeovil Town : David Barringer

    Section : First
    Date : Saturday 10th March
    Test Piece : Sinfonietta for Brass Band, ‘The Wayfarer’ (Eric Ball)
    Venue : The Forum
    Adjudicators : David Hirst & Barry Thompson
    Play commences 3.30pm (not before) - Comfort Break (if required) after band number 7
    Contest Controller : Mike James

    Participating Bands:

    1. Bodmin : Steve Sykes
    2. Chalford : Steve Tubb
    3. Cinderford : Dave Lea
    4. Forest of Dean Brass : Jackie Gwynne
    5. Helston Town : John Hitchens
    6. Hyde : Jonathan Camps
    7. Lympstone South West Telecoms : Charles Fleming
    8. Otterbourne Brass : Lt Col Chris Davis OBE
    9. Solent Concert : Wesley Garner
    10. St Dennis : Brian Minear
    11. St Keverne : Stuart Chappel
    12. Swindon Pegasus Brass : Steve Armstrong-Watkins
    13. Woodfalls Concert Brass : Steve Dunster

    Section : Second
    Date : Sunday 11th March
    Test Piece : Carnival (Helen Perkin)
    Venue : The Forum
    Adjudicators : Lloyd Landry & Stephen Tighe
    Play commences 10.00am – Comfort Break after band number 7
    Controller : Trevor Bedding

    Participating Bands:

    1. Bristol East : Roy Curran
    2. Filton Concert Brass : Bryn James
    3. Gillingham Imperial Silver : Alan McRae
    4. Lydmet Lydney :
    5. Michelmersh Silver : Melvin White
    6. Ocean Brass : Nicholas Grace
    7. Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne) : Paul Slator
    8. Portishead Town : Ian Holmes
    9. Shrewton Silver : Michael Dunford
    10. Soundhouse Brass : Mike Faro
    11. South Molton Town : Terry Treherne
    12. St Stythians : Derek Johnston
    13. Torbay Brass : T Naughton

    Section: Third
    Date : Saturday 10th March
    Test Piece : Prelude & Jubilate (Darrol Barry)
    Venue : The Forum
    Adjudicators David Hirst & Barry Thompson
    Play commences : 10.00am – Comfort break after band number 8
    Controller: Ray Kingdon

    Participating Bands:

    1. A W Parker (Drybrook) : Kevin White
    2. Bath Spa : Dave Walker
    3. Bugle : David Pope
    4. Camborne “B” : Alan Pope
    5. Corsham : M Perry
    6. Denmead Brass : John Hill
    7. Downton : Roland Wright
    8. Heyl Town : Derek Johnstone
    9. Launceston Town : Dave Dobson
    10. Pillowell Silver :
    Rhrodri Griffiths
    11. St Pinnock : Simon Dobson
    12. Totnes : Ian Wilkinson
    13. Verwood Concert Brass : David Johnson
    14. Weston-Super-Mare Brass : Peter Nutt
    15. Wotton & District Silver : Dennis Grant

    Section : Fourth
    Date : Saturday 10th March
    Test Piece : The Seasons, Suite for Brass Band (Philip Wilby)
    Venue : The Arena
    Adjudicators : Lloyd Landry & Stephen Tighe
    Play commences 10.30am – Comfort breaks after band numbers 6 and 16
    Controller: Brian Eggleton

    Participating Bands :

    1. Bideford Town : Gary Taylor
    2. Bratton Silver : Mike Winter
    3. Bream Silver : Huw Cole
    4. Brunel Brass : John Winterflood
    5. Chalford Academy Brass : Steve Tubb
    6. Cheltenham Silver : John Button
    7. Gosport Silver : Derek Jones
    8. Hatherleigh Silver : Adrian Edwards
    9. Marshfield : Peter Cornford
    10. Nailsworth Silver : Wesley Thomas
    11. New Forest Brass : Ian Luxford
    12. Okehampton Excelsior Silver : Des Law
    13. Pendennis Brass (Falmouth) : Steve Thomas
    14. Shanklin Town Brass (IoW) : Malcolm Lewis
    15. Sidmouth Town : Adrian Harvey
    16. St Breward Silver
    17. Swindon Brass : Francis Cowley
    18. Teskesbury Town : Nigel Morgan
    19. Torrington Silver : T R J Hutchings
    20. Watchet Royal British Legion : David Tilling
    21. Weymouth Concert Brass : Adam Glynn
    22. Wilton and District Youth : Dennis Chalk BEM
    23. Wincanton Silver : Joanne Sykes
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  3. Alan MacRae

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    As I said in the unofficial thread, I'll be conducting Gillingham in the 2nd section, if you want to add my name to the official list above.
  4. yoshi77

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    Just to let you know, Rhrodri Griffiths will be taking Pillowell Silver this year.
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  5. Cyndy

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    Just wanted to wish all bands competing the best of luck, especialy me old butty mates in the Forest :tup :biggrin:
  6. yoshi77

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    Thanks for your support Cyndy!
  7. imthemaddude

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    I;d love to see it be SWT Woodfalls year this year - come on!!!!!
  8. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Pity the poor old 4th section! Stuck in the Arena again, hardly worth practicing just to endure that!
  9. WagTheStick

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    Update to official listings

    Aldbourne are being conducted by Melvin White.

    Edit: Thanks! I've added it to the list. (dyl)
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  10. WagTheStick

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    Current Standings

    [Repeated from unofficial thead]

    Anyone know how to find out the current standings? :confused:

    It would be good to see the league tables before to suss out who's in the relegation and promotion battles.
  11. meandmycornet

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    Somebody's got to be in the rollerblading hall though haven't they? :tongue: at least there's only one section in there this year! I think WoE 4th section is always silly anyway... just for its sheer hugeness.... correct me if I'm wrong but its the biggest section of any of the regionals I think!

    Should be a fun weekend in Torquay again though :D lets all hope its a nice sunny weekend!

    Hope everybody is having lots of fun rehearsing their test pieces! See you all in less than two weeks! Ooooh the excitement is mounting already! :tongue:

  12. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    See you there then Fi. Come and say Hi. Although we won't do very well! Dave Tilling dropped out, so one of the band is going to conduct and I'll have been to 3 whole rehearsals!! Still, not that it matters in that hall!!
  13. Liz Loftus

    Liz Loftus Member

    I think its always difficult to judge the lower sections on previous standings, 12 months can make such a difference to bands espicially those going up, those going down and those that just miss out! With so few contests in the West of England and such a geographical spread, its always a tough one to predict!

    We've just gone up, have a new MD and several players returned - perhaps we could be the darkhorse of the 2nd section, ;)

    Pillowell are fairing well in the 3rd section and the I don't think Bodmin will be in the 1st section for long!! Oh, and of course Pollysteel are on form- could this be their year!! As usual the 4th section is going to be a lottery, but our local bands Torrington & Hatherliegh are doing ok at the moment and of course Wincanton are in there!

    Have a great weekend and good luck to you all :tup
  14. Kiz7

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    Been thinking about how the local Forest of Dean bands may fare next weekend and this is what i would class as a good result for them all:

    Championship Section: Lydbrook - 6th or 7th (1st year in section)

    First Section: Cinderford and Forest of Dean Brass - 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th

    Second section: Lydney -top 6 placing. New conductor in about 2 weeks ago (Colin Hogg) who should really help. Done very well to get a band out for this year's contest. Contest debuts for 8 year old David Crowe on 2nd Baritone and 11 year old Samantha Ford on 2nd horn (I think) - good luck kids!

    Third Section: Pillowell - 1st or 2nd. Anything other will be a disapointing result really given the ambition of the band and their conductor. Drybrook - top half of the table. First year in the section

    Fourth Section: Bream - 1st or 2nd. Bream had a very successful year last year with a 4th at the area, 1st at Weston, and 5th at the finals just a few of their contest results. Will be looking to repeat that this year and gain the all important promotion back to the third section where the belong.

    Any thoughts anyone? These are just my musings and are not intended to offend anyone so please take them in the spirit in which they are meant - supportive, not critical. Ta.
  15. jim

    jim Member

    Are Polysteel still classed as a forest band? Although theres non or ar only 1 who actully lives in the forest of dean?!
  16. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    No James, as Polysteel are based in Quedgeley in Gloucester then they aren't a Forest band which is why I didn't include you in my previous post. I would be expecting Polysteel to be going to win anyway and anything less than 1st to be a disapointment.
  17. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    Don't jinx us mum! :tongue:

    My Predictions are:

    Championship Section: I reckon it'll be another Mount Charles V Polysteel contest, but there's the other cornish bands (particulary Camborne and St Austell) who could be in without a shout, who knows? Cornwall 1,2,3?

    1st Section: I'm thinking Bodmin are going to do well, can't see them being in this section very well, although could it be St Keverne's year? Always appear to be a very consistant band, again, another cornish dominated section! However I'd love to see my friends at Lympstone have a repeat of last year, good luck Charlie and the gang!

    2nd Section: Portishead appear to be the favourites on the predictogizmatron at the moment, possible because they start the day in the dubious position of top of the table, possibly the least cornish dominated section, but I think Stithians are a good band and also do consistantly well. I'll echo what mother said and say that 2006 and 2007 so far have been extremely positive for South Molton, our promotion, a handful of 1st places, a fine MD on board and everyone working hard, so you never know, but obviously 2nd section is a totally different kettle of fish to the 3rd section, we'll just have to wait and see!

    3rd Section: I reckon this is going to be Cornwall V The Forest! Camborne 'B' have been on tremendous form and always seem to produce the goods on the day, nice set of results from the last few years, also need to look out for Pillowell, they've been doing nicely recently too. I also think St Pinnock could be in with a shout!

    4th Section: I don't agree that this section is a lottery, yes its a huge field, but I think it'll be pretty obvious that there are good 4th section bands and ropey 4th section bands! I think it between Wincanton and Pendennis, both doing well!

    Here endeth Fi's very ropey predictions! Good Luck everybody! Particularly Lympstone and of course South Molton!
  18. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    So - have you all added your predictions to the tMP Predictogizmatron ? :)
  19. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    Yes! Well... I've done my predictions for WoE, just starting my predictions for all the other regionals, its going to take a looooooong time! :tongue:
  20. TheMusicMan

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    Wales Champ Section...... 1st Place.......

    Cory ;)

    There.... don't say I never do anything for ya OK.... :)

    PS: also Newbridge 1st in 2nd section by a mile!!