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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Until the comment above it absolutely did - you cannot link to a site in your tMp profile and then whinge that the information is wrong. It was a perfectly valid question to ask and a perfectly valid piece of simple research to do. The site has your name and phone number on the opening page for gods sake.

    So we've established you don't have a higher motive for wanting the closing date scrapped.
    And we've established you know a lot about regulations relating to bus drivers.
    If you have the time, why not get onto a regional committee and get the changes you want to see actioned?
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    i will ask my representative to do just that.
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    Is anyone actually interested in talking about the area contests?


    It does seem to me though that when attempts are made at teh m,eetings to change anything than a resounding air of disinterest rukles. I now trhat suggestions have been made at teh welsh association relating to various topics, but change seems to be avoided at all costs. NOt in a obstructive way, but in a way that it would really be too much trouble. Its almost like a its not broke dont fox it attitude, but it is broke!!
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    Only in some peoples opinion...

    Isn't there the possibility that scrapping the registration period, tho probably solving some issues, would create more than it solved?
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    Please don't drag the name of Tredegar Town Band into this, and for you all to know,Mr Pippen no longer plays or has anything to do with Tredegar Town Band !!

    Please see the up to date web site of Tredegar and you will see the current playing members of the band.

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    See, Told you!! Lol

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