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  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th March, 2007
    Brangwyn Hall, Swansea

    Details courtesy

    Section : Championship
    Date : Sunday 18th March
    Test Piece : Isaiah 40 (Robert Redhead)
    Geoffrey Whitham
    Draw Time : 1PM
    Play Commences : At conclusion of 4th Section

    Participating Bands:

    BTM, J. Katsikaris
    Burry Port Town, M. Thorne
    Buy As You View, Dr. R. Childs
    Cwmaman Institute, I. Porthouse
    Parc & Dare, P. Parkes
    Tongwynlais Temperance, G. Pritchard
    Tredegar, M. Fowles
    Wrexham Brass (NEWI), W. Ruston

    Section : First
    Date :
    Saturday 17th March
    Test Piece : Sinfonietta for Brass Band, ‘The Wayfarer’ (Eric Ball)
    Adjudicator :
    Geoffrey Whitham
    Draw : 3:30
    Play commences : At conclusion of 2nd section

    Participating Bands:

    Ammanford Silver, C. Hogg
    Deiniolen, G. Saynor
    Markham & District, N. Seaman
    Northop Silver, T. Wyss
    Penclawdd Brass, A. Small
    Pontardulais, P. Jenkins
    RAF St. Athan Voluntary, A.R. Bourne
    Thomas Coaches Mid –Rhondda,S. Sykes
    Treherbert, C. Roberts

    Section : Second
    Date :
    Saturday 17th March
    Test Piece : Carnival (Helen Perkin)
    Adjudicator :
    Lloyd Landry
    Draw Time : 12:15
    Play commences :At conclusion of 3rd section

    Participating Bands:

    Beaumaris ‘B’, G. Evans
    Briton Ferry Silver, Dr. C. Jenkins
    Holywell, G. Thomas
    Lewis Merthyr, L. Price
    Newbridge (Celynen), P. Holland
    Newtown Silver, S. Edwards
    Rogerstone, C.B. Buckley
    Royal Buckley, P. Lovatt-Cooper
    Tylorstown Arriva Trains, G. Davies
    Ynyshir (Stacks of Tiles), D. Evans

    Section: Third
    Date : Saturday 17th March
    Test Piece : Prelude & Jubilate (Darrol Barry)
    Adjudicator :
    Geoffrey Whitham
    Draw Time : 10:30
    Play commences : 11:30

    Participating Bands:

    Blaenavon Town, A. Hathaway
    Goodwick Brass, G. Ritter
    Harlech Silver, C. Evans
    Llwydcoed, A. Davies
    Ogmore Valley, I. Barnett
    Porthaethwy Menai Bridge, C. Williams
    Severn Tunnel, S. Crawford

    Section : Fourth
    Date : Sunday 18th March
    Test Piece : The Seasons, Suite for Brass Band (Philip Wilby)
    Adjudicator : Lloyd Landry
    Draw Time : 10:00
    Play commences : 11:00

    Participating Bands :

    Abergynolwyn, A. Williams
    Blaenafon Concert, P. O’Leary
    Crosskeys Silver, L. Bowden
    Crwbin, C. John
    Cwmbran Brass, A. Lucas
    Ebbw Vale, C. Thomas
    Gwaun Cae Gurwen, G. Davies
    Gwernaffield, M. Robinson
    Newport Borough, M. Davies
    Oakdale, R. Probyn
    Pontypool Brass, P. Hallahan
    Upper Rhondda, R. Griffiths
  2. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Looking forward to the contest - really starting to enjoy The Wayfarer now. Not looking forward to the annual 5 hour plus trek down to Swansea though. :mad:
  3. jim

    jim Member

    I may pop along to the wlesh arears but the numbers seem to be dwindelling? Im a bit concerned long term for welsh bandng at the moment if im honest. the championship section should be preatty tight this year as there dousnt really seem to be an obviouse 2nd band to cory all to play for outside of corys I think
  4. jamieow

    jamieow Member

    you're right, there doesn't seem a stand out band but BAYV do need to play before winning!!!.....I know what you mean though!!
    Some Welsh bands, certainly up north are thought of by a lot of 'bandspeople' as out of the way (and some are from England) and we don't really have a massive population up here, though we are literally under an hour from Manchester - I know as I work there and commute everyday!!!
    Recently two major bands have 'gone' - Point of Ayr (which is a massive shame) and Beaumaris 'A' (though they do have a great youth 'development' thing going on so I hope it won't be long before they're back in the top section). That's two bands who sinece the turn of the millenium have represented Wales at the Albert Hall in the Championship Section (and the europeans) and who are now not competing.
    This could potentially be a can of worms and may be a conversation for elsewhere but for some reason bands in general are struggling for players etc.
    It is good to see local(ish) bands - Northop, Deiniloen and Beaumaris for example with thriving youth schemes but I do feel that we are strugging somewhat up North at the moment - many factors - lack of a major University (apart from Bangor and NEWI to a slightly lesser extent) with music courses, reduction of peri lessons in schools...lots and lots of factors.
    I'll try closing the can of worms now........
  5. Deano

    Deano Member

    I thing strikes me with your comment about Beaumaris, how come the "A" band has folded and the "B" band continues to compete, are they 2 separate organisations now?

    Surely if the "A" band are struggling for players would they not promote players from the "B" band.
  6. Big Gav

    Big Gav Member

    Beaumaris has always been, and always will be, ONE organisation Deano which contains several ensembles. One ensemble (out of 5!) is no more but they still have 4 left-Beaumaris B, Youth Band, Intermediates, and Juniors.
    Now does that sound like a struggling organisation (as some have suggested) to you?! Of course it doesn't. It just means that some re-organisation has had to happen in response to other factors such as loss of players etc. I am sure that the new generation at Beaumaris will show their class at Swansea and push for the higher sections in the near future.

    Good luck to all at Swansea!!
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  7. Big Gav

    Big Gav Member

    Just had an excellent rehearsal with Deiniolen this morning. It makes such a difference to have a superb test piece to play. We are all enjoying it. Can't wait for Swansea now!!
    Having seen the line up I really do think that the 1st section should be the best contest of the whole weekend with a really strong field. The fact that the test piece is a real "ensemble" piece will also make it a true contest, there can be too much emphasis on solo work in test pieces these days.

    As far as the Championship section is concerned I think that some bands use the "BAYV always win, we haven't got a chance" excuse far too much.
    Do yourselves a favour and start thinking positive for a change!! I have never been in a harder working band than BAYV. Ask yourself - Does your band work as hard or have the same determination and hunger for success? If the answer is YES then you have as much chance as them. Some bands give up before the preparation even takes place for the area!!
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

  9. hughess

    hughess Member

    Well said Gav, But what will it take to get all the North Wales talent together
    (and the talent is there) in a band to give BAYV a run for there money
  10. stopher

    stopher Member

    As a player with Beaumaris, hopefully I can clear something up here - we're still alive!

    Unfortunatley, having two competing bands plus youth band, Junior Band and Begginer band proved to be too much in many ways - the organising, financing 2 bands to travel to Swansea - it costs well over £2000 to come down to Swansea each year for 1 band so to do it for 2 means a hell of a lot of time outside Tescos at Christmas

    Basically (and not that it's anybody else'e business!) both bands lost a hell of a lot of players to uni, for work or because people joined other bands. We had a meeting and planned to keep the Senior Band going by promoting 16 from the B Band and the B band would go but the jump from a then 3rd section band to Championship has proved to be just too big so we've combined both bands, have a pretty good turnout for it, a good atmosphere, still have a great set up and now just one competing band.

    Other bands have struggled and combined from different organisations, we've just done it from one!

    Anyway, looking forward to Swansea both playing and wagging. Carvnival isn;t as easy as everyone seems to be making out it is - everyone will be able to play it, maybe just not perform it (yes, there is a difference!). Am practicing waving my arms around for the 7/8, 8/8, 10/8 bars in Prelude and Jubilate with Menai Bridge. Just hope Menai Bridge aren;t drawn last in the 3rd and Beaumaris drawn first in the 2nd. Could be fun if they do!
  11. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Why aren't Abergavenny competing?
  12. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Does anyone know the current standings for Welsh bands before we get down there? Tried to work it out but got confused with points for bands not competing, relegations/promotions etc.
    Was wondering if someone with more knowledge on this subject knew anything?
  13. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    As far as I know they are - it may be a mistake on our part. I shall confirm if this is the case.
  14. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    I think a few of the sections look interesting this year.
    Our Section (1st) should definitely be close. The piece is really enjoyable and no-one i know from other bands dislikes it, which is very important to how a band prepares for the contest. Obviously i'm going to say i'd like to believe Northop will win again as we're all working extremely hard and the band sounds pretty good.
    The Second Section could be even tighter though, with Newbridge obviously doing very well recently. But then you have Holywell and Buckley who both did well in a strong field in Preston, plus Beaumaris B with their mix of youth and experience. Don't really know the other bands, but at least 4 have got good chances.
    I agree with Gav about the top section. Unless bands remain positive and put in the hard work, then obviously you are not going to have a chance of beating BAYV. The situation in Yorkshire is worse for the 'lesser' bands, with the likes of Hepworth and Sellars having to compete against the big four of Dyke, Grimey, B&R and YBS. But they still work hard and occasionally cause an upset, and there's a similar situation in the North West.
    Probably not going to get to hear any other sections unfortunately, but good luck to everyone competing.
  15. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member


    I'm afraid that the information is correct. Abergavenny will not be competing at the areas this year :(

    Since losing Colin Hogg after Treorchy, we only appointed a new MD last week (That news hasn't even hit our website yet!) and we've yet to replace Rhian on principle cornet who left to take up a seat at Tredegar. Since there are also one or two other vacant seats, it was felt that we would be unable to do Isiah 40 justice and did not want to go just to make up the numbers. We're working hard to plug the gaps and do have a couple of fun projects lined up for the spring season but we'll certainly be back in the front line for Ebbw Vale.
  16. Di

    Di Active Member

    Please note: The discussion re the possibilities of Welsh Regional venues has been given its own thread. Please feel free to continue the discussion here. ;)
  17. Pastit

    Pastit Member

    Wrexham are certainly working very hard for our first shot at the championship section for a few years (Whitsun Wakes, I think last time) The band are better pepared for it than then.
    There do seem to be a few S. Wales bands in good form at the moment, BTM, Tongwynlais, Cwmaman and Burry Port all seem to have had good results/performances lately.
    Hopefully we can reproduce our first round performance from Radio Cymru!!

    Jamieow: Is that you putting us first with the predictamathingy!!. We'll have to but you back in that padded room again
  18. jamieow

    jamieow Member

    nope, not me putting us first Mr G!!
  19. LeDragon

    LeDragon Active Member

    I'm playing at the Welsh Area for the first time since 2001 when I last played there with Point of Ayr. I'm going to be there with Royal Buckley this time and am really looking forward to it!

    All the best to all the North Walian bands who are competing down in Swansea.
  20. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    This will be only the second Welsh regional contest I have missed playing in since I started contesting back in the early 90's. The last one I missed was 2000 when I was ill......Rogerstone won that year and I should have been playing for them. I'm not playing for them again this year so I am expecting them to win again!! With bands such as Newbridge and Tylorstown the Second section could be very interesting.......I will be there to listen to it though!!

    All the best Rogerstone!! Oh and Newbridge and Cross-keys too!!

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