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  1. Di

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    Scottish Regional Championships

    Championship Section

    Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
    Sunday 9th March 2008
    Adjudicators : David Read & Steve Sykes

    Participating Bands:

    Bon-Accord Silver Band, Morten Hansen
    Dunaskin Doon, John Boax
    Dalmellington Archie, K. Hutchison.
    Kingdom Brass, Craig Anderson
    Kirkintilloch, Selmer Simonsen
    Newmilns & Galston, Alex McCutcheon
    Newtongrange, Ray Farr.
    Scottish Co-op Band, Allan Ramsay
    Unison Kinneil, Colin McKenzie.
    Whitburn, Russell Gray

    Scottish Regional Championships
    First Section

    Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
    Sunday 9th March 2008
    Adjudicators : Dave Thornton & Steve Sykes

    Participating Bands:

    Arbroath Instrumental, Mike Robertson
    Barrhead Burgh, Martyn Ramsay
    Bathgate, James Smith
    Bo'ness & Carriden, Michael Marzella
    Broxburn & Livingston, Kevin Price
    Clackmannan District, Paul Kiernan
    Granite City Brass, Edward Paley
    Kirkintilloch Kelvin, Charles Keenan
    Lochgelly, Paul Drury
    St Ronan's Silver, Alex. Knox
    Scottish Regional Championships
    Second Section
    Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
    Saturday 8th March 2008
    Adjudicators : Steve Pritchard Jones & Steve Sykes

    Participating Bands:

    Campbeltown Brass, Craig Anderson
    City of Discovery Brass, Bruce Fraser
    Clydebank Burgh, John Grant.
    Croy Band Kenneth, Blackwood.
    Jedforest Instrumental, Chris Bradley
    Johnstone Band , Raymond Tennant
    Kilmarnock Concert, Andrew keachie
    Perthshire Brass, George Annan
    Selkirk Silver, Colin Hogg
    Shotts St Patrick's, Michael Marzella
    Tullis Russell Mills, Gavin Lindsay.

    Scottish Regional Championships
    Third Section
    Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
    Saturday 8th March 2008
    Adjudicators : Steve Pritchard Jones & David Thornton

    Participating Bands:

    Annan Town (APD) Band David Shanks
    Bon-Accord Silver 'B' Bruce Wallace
    Buckhaven & Methil Gordon Evans (MBE)
    Coalburn Silver Gareth Bowman
    Dalkeith & Monktonhall James Chamberlain
    Dundee Instrumental Eoin Tonner
    Dunfermline Town David Neil
    MacTaggart Scott Alan Fernie.
    St David's Brass John Dickson
    Tayport Instrumental Frank Culross
    Turriff Silver
    Scottish Regional Championships
    Fourth Section

    Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
    Saturday 8th 2008
    Adjudicators :
    David Read & Raymond Tennant

    Participating Bands:

    Brass Sounds Inverclyde, Alistair G McCorkell
    Dumfries, Peter Heyes.
    Dysart, Bill Sandell
    Irvine & Dreghorn Brass, David McKellar
    Newland Concert, Robert Fraser.
    Penicuik Silver, Terry Johns
    Queensferry Community Brass, John Gilmour
    Renfrew Burgh, David Hutcheson

    Information courtesy :
    John Martin
  2. weemarky

    weemarky Member

    Woo Hoo!!! Bring it on! The build up starts here!!!!

    Gutted I wont be there but good luck to everyone especially Kingdom Brass in the Championship Section and Dalkieth and Monktonhall in the 3rd Section!

  3. groovy

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    NYBBS is going to have a stand set up at the Scottish, as we are having a prize draw to raise funds for our tour of Japan. Come and support us! The draw is next month, and there will be a great selection of prizes, including a Regal cornet. :clap: :biggrin:

    If you are feeling generous you could always come and make a donation, as well as buying raffle tickets!

    In fact, the winning bands at the weekend could give their prize money to us too.


    Looking forward to a good weekend, good luck to everyone!!
  4. brassneck

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    Any more information regarding the arrangements for warm-up facilities? Last evening I was told that there is a room set aside that bands can use an hour in advance of playing (... and that includes the early starts).
  5. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    Just a quick note to wish Barrhead all the best in the first section this year - hope to see you all in Harrogate again this year!!!

    Also all the best to Mr H with Dalmellington and to Dunaskin and JB in the championship section.

    Hope to see you all soon!

  6. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Section 2: RESULTS

    Saturday 8 March
    Adjudicators: David Thornton & Steve Pritchard-Jones
    Three Part Invention - Kenneth Downie
    Commences: 1000

    1. Campbeltown Brass (C. Anderson), 10, 188
    2. Johnstone (Ray Tennant), 3, 186
    3. Croy (K. Blackwood), 6, 184
    4. Tullis Russell Mills (G. Londsay), 1, 182
    5. Shotts St. Patricks (M. Marzella), 8, 181
    6. Jedforest Instrumental (C. Bradley), 7, 180
    7. Perthshire Brass (G. Annan), 9, 179
    8. Selkirk Silver (C. Hogg), 11, 178
    9. Kilmarnock Concert Brass (A. Keachie), 4, 177
    10. City of Discovery Brass (B. Fraser), 2, 175
    11. Clydebank Burgh (J. Grant), 5, 174
  7. NAS

    NAS Member

    Congratulations to Willie Ralston and crew at Campbeltown!
  8. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Section 4:RESULTS

    Saturday 8 March
    Adjudicators: David Read & Raymond Tennant
    Four Cities Symphony - Rodney Newton

    1. Renfrew Burgh (D. Hutcheson), 6, 180
    2. Irvine and Dreghorn Brass (D. McKellar), 1, 179
    3. Newland Concert (R. Fraser), 4, 177
    4. Penicuik Silver (T. Johns), 3, 175
    5. Brass Sounds Inverclyde (A. McCorkell), 7, 174
    6. Dumfries Town (P. Heyes), 2, 173
    7. Queensferry Community Brass (J. Gilmour), 5, 171
    8. Dysart Colliery (W. Sandell), 8, 170

    Top 2 bands qualify

    Soloist: Solo cornet, Irvine and Dreghorn Brass
    Youngest Bb Bass: Graham Deacon, Renfrew Burgh

    Best Soloist 3rd Section:- Hannah McSporran. Sop, Campbeltown Brass
  9. tubabum

    tubabum New Member

    Section 3

    Saturday 8 March
    Adjudicators: Steve Sykes & Steve Pritchard-Jones
    The Dark Side of the Moon - Paul Lovatt-Cooper
    Commences: following 4th Section results

    1. Dalkeith and Monktonhall Colliery, J. Chamberlain, 10, 179
    2. Annan Town (APD), D. Shanks, 2, 177
    3. St. David's Brass, J. Dickson, 4, 175
    4. Bon-Accord Silver B, B. Wallace, 3, 174
    5. Dunfermline Town, D. Neil, 11, 173
    6. Coalburn Silver, G. Bowman, 5, 172
    7. Tayport Instrumental, F. Culross, 9, 171
    8. MacTaggart Scott, A. Fernie, 6, 170
    9. Dundee Instrumental (St. Margaret's), E. Tonner, 8, 169
    10. Buckhaven and Methil Miners, G. Evans MBE, 1, 168
    11. Turriff Silver, F Cranna, 7, 167

    Top 2 bands qualify
    Soloist: Stuart Dickson, St. David's Brass

    Courtesy of 4Barsrest
  10. Alisop

    Alisop Member

    Whoooooop! Annan Town Band! Go Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooop!!!!!!
    (sorry just got home! Bit drunk but very happy!
  11. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    Well done Annan... after last years debacle its nice to see we both get to go back to where we came from! :clap:
  12. Sold-Out-Bari

    Sold-Out-Bari New Member



  13. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member


    Am still over the moon and probably still drunk!!! What a result, cant believe it!! Harrogate here we come baby!!!

    and well done our Hannah McSporran in picking up the solo prize!!
  14. Markbone

    Markbone Member


    :D :clap: :D

    Still hasn't hit me yet!

    And well done to Hannah for gettin best instrumentalist :tup

  15. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    You sounded abit slow on the radio this morn Mark, hows the head?!!
  16. Markbone

    Markbone Member

    Sore :) Wasn't really feeling like havin 2 get up 4 it, but no could I miss today's show! Not really good 4 much apart from on the computer just now :( haha how r u today after the celebrations?!
  17. bbg

    bbg Member

    Congratulations to Campbeltown - just sorry that we didn't finish 2nd to you again after last March and the Challenge Cup, but overall we're reasonably happy with 7th in our first year up in second section - all the best for Harrogate. I hope that the young lady who was unable to "celebrate" Campbeltown's success last March 'cos she was about to become a mummy enjoyed a wee glass or two last night! Congrats too to Johnstone, and commiserations to Croy who just missed out in 3rd.

    Will be interesting to see folks' thoughts on the venue - sadly not the best in terms of space / accomodation for instruments etc, but the hall staff were pleasant and a huge thank-you to the SBBA team who worked their collective socks off once again to ensure the smooth running of the day.
    As at Perth in November, we were fortunate in having the professionalism and sheer class of Alastair Hutton as compere - an absolute delight.
  18. bbg

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    Just had alook at some other results - big congratulations to Clackmannan! Will you still be speaking to your old bandmates now that you'll be in the Championship section, Katy and Jack??!
  19. tubabum

    tubabum New Member

    Section 1

    Sunday 9 March
    Adjudicators: David Thornton & Steve Sykes
    James Cook - Circumnavigator - Gilbert Vinter
    Commences: 1030

    1. Bo'ness and Carriden, M. Marzella, 6, 190
    2. Clackmannan District Brass, P. Kiernan, 4, 189
    3. Lochgelly, P. Drury, 1, 187
    4. Barrhead Burgh, M. Ramsay, 5, 186
    5. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass, C. Keenan, 7, 185
    6. Bathgate, J. Smith, 3, 184
    7. Broxburn and Livingston, K. Price, 8, 183
    8. Arbroath Instrumental, M. Robertson, 2, 182
    9. St. Ronan's Silver, A. Knox, 9, 180
    10. Granite City Brass, E. Paley, 10, 179

    Top 2 bands qualify
    Soloist: Richard Tobin, Bo'ness and Carriden

    Courtesy of 4BarsRest
  20. Woooo! Go Annan! We're going to Harrogate!! :D

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